You Taught Me


U see I’m love with a woman who has taught me this path of life. No other Woman has inspired my life or had an impact on my life unlike like this woman.

And I understand that not everyone has such a grounded relationship with such a woman within their life. It is One In A Million.

She’s taught that not everyone is perfect as none on this earth is.

She taught me that none isn’t sure what this life is all about, and that I must take my time to find out what my life is really about.

She taught me that I must be careful who to trust, because every other human being out there is being careful of whom they must trust!

She taught me that I must not be like any other Boy or Man.

She taught me that I must not lie because what goes around comes around.Me and My Mum

She told me that I’m gonna go through ups and downs, and stick with the people who are there with me when I’m going through the ups and downs.

She told me that she will stand by my side until I know my way in life.

She has caught every tear that has fell from my eyes

She told me that she will believe in me even when none else will.

She told me that people will tell you that they are Proud of you but really they envy you!

She told me that I must laugh till I cry!

She’s shown me that when it gets hard there is still ways of keeping ur head looking up towards the sky.

She’s shown me that sometimes you have to cry no matter what the situation is.

She’s shown me that you must not depend on anyone because none is reliable.

She’s shown me what is mine is mine and will always be mine.

She’s shown me that not everyone is your friend and not everyone will be walking behind you all the time. But She will always walk beside me!

She’s shown me that you must look in the mirror when times get hard and say “I Can Do This”me and mummy part II

She’s shown me that I must take care of Number one because when all else Fails it’s still Number one who is standing!

She’s shown me that what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger!

We have stood by each other even when none else was around!

I’m in love with this woman because she has helped direct me in Life.

Ladies And Gentlemen

I present to you this woman who has taught me my way in this life

My Mother.


Bad Boys Gonna Fight For This Love!

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Okay, Okay! The UK has had a recent Revelation! Two of the X-Factor’s Girls have come out with their new videos Earlier this morning! If u didn’t know Alexandra Burke has officially premiered her First single “Bad Boy’s (Feat. Flo-Rida)” Video on ITV2 Last night at 2:15am! And Cheryl Cole premiered her First Solo single earlier this morning on ITV1 at 1:15am.

Who shall iStart of with first? Alexandra!

iCan remember when iFirst heard Alexandra’s song Bad Boys. My Friend called me up (or was it Facebook?) One of the two! And he was like “HAVE U HEARD ALEXANDRA’S NEW SONG!?” iWas like “Which One!?” Because I heard Overcome before iHeard Bad Boys, so iThought it was Overcome he was talking about. When he said Bad Boys iWas like “NO! Is it good!?” He replied “Its Sh*t” iWas like “Be-Have please!” iThen went to YouTube it but it wasn’t on there, But iHeard it eventually, and iThink it is a TUNE! Compared to Leona Lewis first official song, there is a BIG Comparison! Alexandra has quality’s Leona doesn’t have for example Alexandra can dance! Leona only can have her hair swaying in the wind! Alexandra has a Big ass, Leona… Well… Anyway going back to the video. Alexandra is in Tight Black Leather clothing with a Red top. With Black Stilettos with Red Laces! She Looks the FIRE in the video! The Dancing is on point! The concept of the video is on point! She looks like a Flippin DIVA! She is doing the UK Proud in my eyes! Not only is she doing the UK Proud she is doing X-Factor proud! iHave to say she is the best X-Factor winner so far, compared to her voice and talents (dancing). This has to be the BEST First video anyone has ever done! Leona’s Bleeding Love cannot compete!

Cheryl Cole’s time!

iHeard Cheryl’s Cole song when iWas on Twitter (@ItzMally) She was a trending topic when her song got leaked on to YouTube. When iHeard it, iWas thinking … Its Okay Lyrically but i’m not sure Vocally, maybe it has to grow on me, but iDo like it lyrically lol! As we know her video was released yesterday on ITV as well, and to be honest iWas a little bit impressed! iWasn’t expecting the video to be like that! She impressed me! One thing iGotta say about the video is. It reminds me of Ciara’s Like A Boy. There’s a bit where she’s doing some street dancing, and the routine reminds me of the routines in Ciara’s Like a Boy video. iAin’t got much to say about the video as iAin’t a big fan of the song yet! But the video has impressed me! Here’s the link for the video:



iLook To U

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iThink its fair to say that Whitney Houston is back! After going through a lot with Bobby Brown and the Drugs. She’s finally overcome all of that! iPersonally thought she wouldn’t return back to the game, but she has! And iGotta say she is doing the DAMN THANG!

Whitney Houston has come back with a New Album called “I Look To You”. This album is nothing but Inspiration and encouragement. I really like the album cover because it gives this kind of sense that Whitney Has found this strength to stand on her two feet again! iMean just look at the album cover! She looks great man especially what she’s been through! You would have expected her to look like Amy Winehouse with what Whitney has gone through! But i’m Glad that she has overcome everything she has gone through and iHope she don’t go back!

The first track iHeard from the Album “I Look To You” was Like I Never Left (feat. Akon) iLiked the track when iHeard it especially since iDon’t like Akon (that will be explained when iGot time to write about Akon) Even though the track is talking about – when u leave someone ur in a relationship with and then u go back to them, U want them to love u like u never left, and u’ve realized that u’ve made a mistake. iSee “Like I Never Left” as Whitney is saying to the World and her fans that she wants us to Love her Like She Never Left! When iHeard “Like I Never Left” Whitney’s album wasn’t finished yet.

The second track iHeard from the album was “Million Dollar Bill” which is going to be the first official single in the UK for her album. iLove this track! Its a real feel good song! Its a Lovers tune! “If They Make u feel like a Million Dollar Bill Say OhOhOh!” The track was written by Alicia Keys apparently (Correct me if I’m wrong). iThink the song is good for a comeback song!

Whitney does talk about how she managed to overcome certain things she went through on tracks like “I Look To You” and “I Didn’t Know My Strength” iPersonally don’t like “I Look To You” As much as iLike “I Didn’t Know My Strength” iThink “I Look To You” could have been a lot stronger Vocally, but we gotta give the Queen a chance, she’s been through a lot!

The album isn’t full of Depressing songs though don’t get it twisted! It does have some Feel Good Songs like “Million Dollar Bill” and “Like I Never Left” Is up tempo, but the album does have some Lovers song on it, like “Call U Tonight” and “Worth It” Which iPersonally LOVE “WORTH IT!” Its a TRACK!

The one song that made me Laugh on Whitney’s new album is the last track on it. Which is called “Salute” The one reason why she makes me laugh on the song is because she has a lyric within it, and it goes something like this “And U go on like ur Shit don’t stink” A CLASSIC LINE!

Overall the Album is a good come-back! I’m not expecting it to be a Flop! Because she deserves a Second chance! And iDefiantly will be going out to buy it when it comes out in the UK!

The VMA’s – How Could U be So Heartless?


Well where do iStart? We all know what I’m gonna talk about so lets get straight to the point! No beating around the bush! Ain’t got time for that!

Well lets start here! Everyone knows what happened. So I’m not even gonna explain what happened! If U don’t know what happened Google it Or YouTube it.. It was very rude. In short words for those who don’t know… (which iDoubt) Kanye West took the Microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hand while she was receiving her FIRST VMA Award, and said that Beyonce had made the best video of ALL TIME.

I would like to say I didn’t have a clear idea of who Taylor Swift was until the VMA awards and my American friend on Twitter told me lol @leahlovesya121, but I wasn’t sure who she was, BUT that doesn’t despite the fact that What Kanye West did was RUDE! My Goodness! If he won his first VMA Award and Eminem came up and said “Kanye I’m gonna let u finish but JAY-Z HAD THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME” Oh – Please believe u would hear a Track of Kanye Dissing Eminem within the next WEEK! In my eyes Kanye West has No Manners… and has made himself look like a fool but not only that but has let his race down, because He is Black and can’t behave himself at public Events! His mum has past away and his Forgotten his manners!  S.M.H (Shakes – My – Head For those of u who don’t know). But iRespect Taylor Swift for remaining Calm and humble! iAm now Following her on Twitter, and Kanye… Well he ain’t got twitter but iDon’t like him personally now!

Moving On to the most positive notes.

Lady GaGa’s Performance

I’ve already made a blog about Lady GaGa and what iThink of her but Her Performance at the VMA’s was ON POINT! iThink it was a brilliant Stage Performance of Paparazzi! It explained what the song was about, iSaw it as the stage performance of the video. She does have some crazy outfits though. When she started Bleeding on stage iWas like She is a Genius! Michael Jackson hasn’t even done that! Or has he? Correct me if iAm wrong! She is a very unique artist. Being a Bisexual female in this music industry is well Unique in my eyes because u Don’t see them things often  in this day and age! But iStill think her album is crap lol! That ain’t gonna change until she comes out with a new one!

Beyonce Performance

Beyonce threw it down with her VMA’s performance. She did a Slowed down Sexy version of “Sweet Dreams” and also an extended version of Single Ladies! iCall it the “Now Wait! Remix” LOL! It reminded me when she did Ring The Alarm with the extra dance moves! Beyonce also surprised me when she invited Taylor back on Stage to have her moment! iThought that was very humble of Beyonce. Considering all the hype about her being a Diva and a horrible person. iThink that showed her true colors to be honest! Good on u Beyonce!

Pinks Performance

Pink’s Performance did take my breathe away the most though. Because she performed the track iLike most from her album “Sober” she was doing some Acrobats on stage! All Up in the air and sh*t, it was something that iWasn’t expecting from her, iThink it was a big Risk taker for Pink in my eyes, because when she came down she took a BIG breath! But iReally rate her for singing and doing all those Acrobats at the same time! And her vocals was on point! Did not once did she go out off tune! Performance was Spectacular! Well Done Pink! Seriously!


Janet Jackson’s Tribute

Janet Jackson opened up the VMA awards of her live performance to “Scream” which obviously was dedicated to Michael! She did Flippin well! The dancing was SICK was so on point! iCan’t even explain how good the performance was! U had to see it for urself to know what I’m talking about! She THREW IT DOWN!

Overall iThink that this has been the best VMA Award’s i’ve ever seen. The Drama and the Good Points 🙂

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Is Lady GaGa Really enjoying “The Fame”

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Before I get into anything… I would like to state that this is one of my First Blogs on this thing! I thought I’ll give it a try, I love writing personally, but haven’t actually had the time to sit down and write blogs! Used to do a lot when I was 13 though. Anyway… Going back to the title of the post!

Lady GaGa’s Album “The Fame”. To be honest when I first heard Lady GaGa’s music, I thought this chick is TALENTLESS! “Just Dance” was the first single of the album, and to be honest… I hated that track with a passion… Mainly because I heard Akon’s voice at the beginning and I don’t like Akon his another Talentless person in the music industry, BUT don’t get me wrong “Just Dance” was a catchy tune! But wasn’t my cup of tea!

Pokerface was the 2nd Single from the album, and I didn’t like it, even though it was very catchy and came on EVERY MORNING on my favorite Radio station, But I didn’t give in, I stuck to my word of Lady GaGa is Talentless!

Paparazzi came out! And all of a Sudden this woman grew on me! It was the video that made me like her. Her videos are CLASS! And then Pokerface grew on me, and then this random feeling came… I wanted to BUY The album!

I got the album… I didn’t buy it… but i got the album! LOL! Anyway… I wasn’t to impressed! This woman is… just something else! The tracks sounded the same! It’s not really an Album I can say “Yeah its worth buying” “Lady GaGa is underrated” Because it really cannot be said! I got seriously bored after a while listening to the album!

I only Like

  • Lovegame
  • Pokerface
  • Paparazzi
  • Starstruck (feat. Flo-Rida and Space Cowboy)
  • Paper Gangster

On the other hand… There was Tracks that we’re Catchy but take time to grow on me. There’s only Two though!

  • Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
  • Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

And that’s round about it! If it’s anything she is “Overrated!” She is a great Performer and knows how to make videos! She can sell her Good tracks good! But her album is not worth buying!

I hope her Next album is not none of this Music… shes come out with… I can’t even explain it, It’s not Pop Its not R&B its something in between! I can’t even class it Cheesy because it really isn’t. Her music Is a Mystery! But In my eyes… The Album Is CRAP.