Well where do iStart? We all know what I’m gonna talk about so lets get straight to the point! No beating around the bush! Ain’t got time for that!

Well lets start here! Everyone knows what happened. So I’m not even gonna explain what happened! If U don’t know what happened Google it Or YouTube it.. It was very rude. In short words for those who don’t know… (which iDoubt) Kanye West took the Microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hand while she was receiving her FIRST VMA Award, and said that Beyonce had made the best video of ALL TIME.

I would like to say I didn’t have a clear idea of who Taylor Swift was until the VMA awards and my American friend on Twitter told me lol @leahlovesya121, but I wasn’t sure who she was, BUT that doesn’t despite the fact that What Kanye West did was RUDE! My Goodness! If he won his first VMA Award and Eminem came up and said “Kanye I’m gonna let u finish but JAY-Z HAD THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME” Oh – Please believe u would hear a Track of Kanye Dissing Eminem within the next WEEK! In my eyes Kanye West has No Manners… and has made himself look like a fool but not only that but has let his race down, because He is Black and can’t behave himself at public Events! His mum has past away and his Forgotten his manners!  S.M.H (Shakes – My – Head For those of u who don’t know). But iRespect Taylor Swift for remaining Calm and humble! iAm now Following her on Twitter, and Kanye… Well he ain’t got twitter but iDon’t like him personally now!

Moving On to the most positive notes.

Lady GaGa’s Performance

I’ve already made a blog about Lady GaGa and what iThink of her but Her Performance at the VMA’s was ON POINT! iThink it was a brilliant Stage Performance of Paparazzi! It explained what the song was about, iSaw it as the stage performance of the video. She does have some crazy outfits though. When she started Bleeding on stage iWas like She is a Genius! Michael Jackson hasn’t even done that! Or has he? Correct me if iAm wrong! She is a very unique artist. Being a Bisexual female in this music industry is well Unique in my eyes because u Don’t see them things often  in this day and age! But iStill think her album is crap lol! That ain’t gonna change until she comes out with a new one!

Beyonce Performance

Beyonce threw it down with her VMA’s performance. She did a Slowed down Sexy version of “Sweet Dreams” and also an extended version of Single Ladies! iCall it the “Now Wait! Remix” LOL! It reminded me when she did Ring The Alarm with the extra dance moves! Beyonce also surprised me when she invited Taylor back on Stage to have her moment! iThought that was very humble of Beyonce. Considering all the hype about her being a Diva and a horrible person. iThink that showed her true colors to be honest! Good on u Beyonce!

Pinks Performance

Pink’s Performance did take my breathe away the most though. Because she performed the track iLike most from her album “Sober” she was doing some Acrobats on stage! All Up in the air and sh*t, it was something that iWasn’t expecting from her, iThink it was a big Risk taker for Pink in my eyes, because when she came down she took a BIG breath! But iReally rate her for singing and doing all those Acrobats at the same time! And her vocals was on point! Did not once did she go out off tune! Performance was Spectacular! Well Done Pink! Seriously!


Janet Jackson’s Tribute

Janet Jackson opened up the VMA awards of her live performance to “Scream” which obviously was dedicated to Michael! She did Flippin well! The dancing was SICK was so on point! iCan’t even explain how good the performance was! U had to see it for urself to know what I’m talking about! She THREW IT DOWN!

Overall iThink that this has been the best VMA Award’s i’ve ever seen. The Drama and the Good Points 🙂

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