iThink its fair to say that Whitney Houston is back! After going through a lot with Bobby Brown and the Drugs. She’s finally overcome all of that! iPersonally thought she wouldn’t return back to the game, but she has! And iGotta say she is doing the DAMN THANG!

Whitney Houston has come back with a New Album called “I Look To You”. This album is nothing but Inspiration and encouragement. I really like the album cover because it gives this kind of sense that Whitney Has found this strength to stand on her two feet again! iMean just look at the album cover! She looks great man especially what she’s been through! You would have expected her to look like Amy Winehouse with what Whitney has gone through! But i’m Glad that she has overcome everything she has gone through and iHope she don’t go back!

The first track iHeard from the Album “I Look To You” was Like I Never Left (feat. Akon) iLiked the track when iHeard it especially since iDon’t like Akon (that will be explained when iGot time to write about Akon) Even though the track is talking about – when u leave someone ur in a relationship with and then u go back to them, U want them to love u like u never left, and u’ve realized that u’ve made a mistake. iSee “Like I Never Left” as Whitney is saying to the World and her fans that she wants us to Love her Like She Never Left! When iHeard “Like I Never Left” Whitney’s album wasn’t finished yet.

The second track iHeard from the album was “Million Dollar Bill” which is going to be the first official single in the UK for her album. iLove this track! Its a real feel good song! Its a Lovers tune! “If They Make u feel like a Million Dollar Bill Say OhOhOh!” The track was written by Alicia Keys apparently (Correct me if I’m wrong). iThink the song is good for a comeback song!

Whitney does talk about how she managed to overcome certain things she went through on tracks like “I Look To You” and “I Didn’t Know My Strength” iPersonally don’t like “I Look To You” As much as iLike “I Didn’t Know My Strength” iThink “I Look To You” could have been a lot stronger Vocally, but we gotta give the Queen a chance, she’s been through a lot!

The album isn’t full of Depressing songs though don’t get it twisted! It does have some Feel Good Songs like “Million Dollar Bill” and “Like I Never Left” Is up tempo, but the album does have some Lovers song on it, like “Call U Tonight” and “Worth It” Which iPersonally LOVE “WORTH IT!” Its a TRACK!

The one song that made me Laugh on Whitney’s new album is the last track on it. Which is called “Salute” The one reason why she makes me laugh on the song is because she has a lyric within it, and it goes something like this “And U go on like ur Shit don’t stink” A CLASSIC LINE!

Overall the Album is a good come-back! I’m not expecting it to be a Flop! Because she deserves a Second chance! And iDefiantly will be going out to buy it when it comes out in the UK!