Okay, Okay! The UK has had a recent Revelation! Two of the X-Factor’s Girls have come out with their new videos Earlier this morning! If u didn’t know Alexandra Burke has officially premiered her First single “Bad Boy’s (Feat. Flo-Rida)” Video on ITV2 Last night at 2:15am! And Cheryl Cole premiered her First Solo single earlier this morning on ITV1 at 1:15am.

Who shall iStart of with first? Alexandra!

iCan remember when iFirst heard Alexandra’s song Bad Boys. My Friend called me up (or was it Facebook?) One of the two! And he was like “HAVE U HEARD ALEXANDRA’S NEW SONG!?” iWas like “Which One!?” Because I heard Overcome before iHeard Bad Boys, so iThought it was Overcome he was talking about. When he said Bad Boys iWas like “NO! Is it good!?” He replied “Its Sh*t” iWas like “Be-Have please!” iThen went to YouTube it but it wasn’t on there, But iHeard it eventually, and iThink it is a TUNE! Compared to Leona Lewis first official song, there is a BIG Comparison! Alexandra has quality’s Leona doesn’t have for example Alexandra can dance! Leona only can have her hair swaying in the wind! Alexandra has a Big ass, Leona… Well… Anyway going back to the video. Alexandra is in Tight Black Leather clothing with a Red top. With Black Stilettos with Red Laces! She Looks the FIRE in the video! The Dancing is on point! The concept of the video is on point! She looks like a Flippin DIVA! She is doing the UK Proud in my eyes! Not only is she doing the UK Proud she is doing X-Factor proud! iHave to say she is the best X-Factor winner so far, compared to her voice and talents (dancing). This has to be the BEST First video anyone has ever done! Leona’s Bleeding Love cannot compete!

Cheryl Cole’s time!

iHeard Cheryl’s Cole song when iWas on Twitter (@ItzMally) She was a trending topic when her song got leaked on to YouTube. When iHeard it, iWas thinking … Its Okay Lyrically but i’m not sure Vocally, maybe it has to grow on me, but iDo like it lyrically lol! As we know her video was released yesterday on ITV as well, and to be honest iWas a little bit impressed! iWasn’t expecting the video to be like that! She impressed me! One thing iGotta say about the video is. It reminds me of Ciara’s Like A Boy. There’s a bit where she’s doing some street dancing, and the routine reminds me of the routines in Ciara’s Like a Boy video. iAin’t got much to say about the video as iAin’t a big fan of the song yet! But the video has impressed me! Here’s the link for the video: