U see I’m love with a woman who has taught me this path of life. No other Woman has inspired my life or had an impact on my life unlike like this woman.

And I understand that not everyone has such a grounded relationship with such a woman within their life. It is One In A Million.

She’s taught that not everyone is perfect as none on this earth is.

She taught me that none isn’t sure what this life is all about, and that I must take my time to find out what my life is really about.

She taught me that I must be careful who to trust, because every other human being out there is being careful of whom they must trust!

She taught me that I must not be like any other Boy or Man.

She taught me that I must not lie because what goes around comes around.Me and My Mum

She told me that I’m gonna go through ups and downs, and stick with the people who are there with me when I’m going through the ups and downs.

She told me that she will stand by my side until I know my way in life.

She has caught every tear that has fell from my eyes

She told me that she will believe in me even when none else will.

She told me that people will tell you that they are Proud of you but really they envy you!

She told me that I must laugh till I cry!

She’s shown me that when it gets hard there is still ways of keeping ur head looking up towards the sky.

She’s shown me that sometimes you have to cry no matter what the situation is.

She’s shown me that you must not depend on anyone because none is reliable.

She’s shown me what is mine is mine and will always be mine.

She’s shown me that not everyone is your friend and not everyone will be walking behind you all the time. But She will always walk beside me!

She’s shown me that you must look in the mirror when times get hard and say “I Can Do This”me and mummy part II

She’s shown me that I must take care of Number one because when all else Fails it’s still Number one who is standing!

She’s shown me that what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger!

We have stood by each other even when none else was around!

I’m in love with this woman because she has helped direct me in Life.

Ladies And Gentlemen

I present to you this woman who has taught me my way in this life

My Mother.