Cheryl Cole Fights for these 3 Words

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Cheryl Cole’s first solo album Dropped this week. The album is called “3 Words”. The 3 Words stand for “I Love You”. I personally believe the album is dedicated to her husband Ashley Cole. I’m not saying there isn’t anything wrong with her dedicated it to her Husband Ashley, I’m just saying (LOL).

The first single to come off Cheryl Cole’s album was “Fight For This Love”. iLove Fight For This Love. The track is a TUNE! After listening to Fight For this Love. iHad to listen to the album to see if there was tracks like “Fight For This Love” That iMight like… Well…

I’m not sure if I should hate it or love it!

iPersonally believe the album has to grow on me… because the tracks are not actually CRAP but they are not that good either. To be honest Fight For this Love had to grow on me. I only started liking Fight For This Love when the video was released, but iThought the lyrics was WELL DEEP! I’m just not to sure! TCheryl Cole 3 Wordshe album is very R&B/Pop generated. But there is tracks that I like and there is tracks that I don’t like. Will.I.Am is on like 70% of the album which iDo not like. Just because Cheryl Cole is Buddies with him doesn’t mean he must Produce 70% of her album! Will.I.Am isn’t the best Producer out there!

The tracks I like are:

  • Fight For This Love
  • Rain On me
  • Happy Hour
  • Boy Like You

The tracks iThink will grow on me are:

  • Parachute
  • Heaven

The rest of them iAm just not sure! This album is very much like Marmite u either Love it or Hate it! Right now i’m in between! Well done Cheryl for giving me an Album that i’m not sure of liking or disliking!


X-Factor – Battlefied

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x-Factor Logo 2009X-Factor’s Sunday show was very tense. I personally was praying that Rachel Adedeji doesn’t make the bottom 2 again! The special guest’s on Sunday’s show was “Westlife” and also “Michael Buble” both performed there upcoming new single releases. I preferred Westlife’s performance than Michael’s because Westlife actually sang a song that iActually like!  I think “What About now” is a good track! Even though it’s a cover. I like it. Here’s the video’s of Sunday’s special guests. A lot of people on Twitter was proud with X-Factor for having Artist’s who didn’t mime this weeks performances or wasn’t high during their performance.

Miss Frank X-FactorNow lets bring on the tension! The result was announced and GOOD NEWS! RACHEL WASN’T THERE! She survived this week! After being there for 2 weeks she survived it this week! Praise the LORD! However we do have some bad news! People who we didn’t expect to be in the Bottom two, was in there. Miss Frank and Danyl Johnson was in the bottom two. I wasn’t to surprised with Danyl being in the Bottom two iDo think he is overrated! But Miss Frank they have some good Harmonies!

Miss Frank sang “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Rose Royce” the performance was HEART FELT!

DanylDanyl sang “With A Little Help from my Friends – The Beatles” Danyl sang this song at his first audition of X-Factor, which Wowed the nation! But this performance he did this Sunday doesn’t compare! It was weaker than when he first sang it!

We gotta say this Bottom 2 is difficult! But heres the results …

I’m upset Miss Frank went… iPersonally believe that Miss Frank’s performance was better than Danyl’s but that’s the way X-Factor goes. Hopefully Miss Frank get signed because they got some mad harmonies when they pull it together.

X-Factor – Big BAD Week

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X-Factor this week was: BIG BAND WEEK! This means there is a live band on stage with the contestants. I think it was the most competitive week so far however I do think it was BORING as well. If u can’t sing with a live band, how do u expect to go on tour! I personally didn’t like the fact that some contestants went for the Jazz type performance. There isn’t no need u could go down any road with the Big Band week! Anyway let’s get my comments Rolling!

To open up the show was Olly Murs he sang (Bewitched – Steve Lawrence) He went down the Jazz road as well… which I didn’t like only because I don’t like Jazz music to tough, I don’t really have much to say about Olly’s performance it was average. He handled it well and he is a great performer!

Last week iSaid iDidn’t like Lloyd’s performance. If U can’t sing a Justin Timberlake Song and a Leona Lewis song iDon’t think u deserve to be in X-Factor. This week Lloyd sang “Fly To the Moon By Kaye Ballard” He did a back-flip on stage which was unnecessary! Girls got excited… Why!? I don’t know! All he did was a Back-Flip he didn’t do a crowd dive or anything! How ever iDo think Jazz suits Lloyd’s voice! But iAlso agree with what Louis said “I think U need to be in a band Lloyd” its true! I think he needs to be in a boy band! His not strong enough to be a SOLO singer… HIS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BE IN X-FACTOR! What do u think of Lloyd Daniels performance?

Miss Frank (my second favorite contestants in the X-Factor). They sang “That’s Life By Frank Sinatra” They sang this song to get into the competition. Shaniece needs to sort out her weave SERIOUSLY. The rap was kind of unnecessary. But Miss Frank didn’t do it as strong as they did when they did it at Boot camp! They was on point with the vocals. Simon finally just started to believe in them. It’s such a shame what happened to them…

MY FAVOURITE CONTESTANT OF THE X-FACTOR WAS NEXT! Rachel Adedeji! Rachel has been in the bottom two twice so far during the competition so this performance she had to PROVE she shouldn’t be there! Rachel delivered the performance! She killed it and she was BRILLIANT! She wowed me! She sang “Proud Mary – The Beyonce Version”. She’s had a make over with her hair, and everything! She got good comments from Simon and it saved her from the bottom two! There has been a lot of Gossip going around that she was acting like Stacey after she received the Judges comments, iUnderstand she was excited but iDon’t think she acted like Stacey iJust think it’s because nobody hasn’t seen the excited and Happy Rachel!

Jamie was next to perform he sang “Angel Of Harlem – U2”. What iWas happy about is that Jamie didn’t go down the Jazz road with his performance. He stuck to what he knew best! and proves that u can take any direction with Big Band week! Jamie is one of my favourites because of his uniqueness. Even though I’m not into Rock music, he defiantly has talent! I know I wouldn’t buy his album but his got talent! I think the performance was a good performance especially since he only had 24 hours to prepare!

Stacey Solomon sang “Wishing Upon A star – Cliff Edwards”. I Thought Stacey’s dress looked nice and she looks like Leona Lewis a bit.  She can defiantly sing! Theirs no doubt about it. But it bored me! She should have moved around a bit, but iUnderstand she couldn’t move in the dress. It must have been so tight! But the performance bored me! Apparently Stacey had a hard week… we don’t know why and how… but she had a hard week… BLESS!

Danyl Johnson was next to perform this guy is so OVERRATED in my eyes his not as good as people say he is… all he does is yell from the top of his voice and jump around stage! He has good stage presence that’s all! His voice is not brilliant at all! Mr. Overrated sang Feeling – From The Roar of the Greasepaint- The Smell of the Crowd” His version of the song wasn’t good at all… I’ve heard better! It’s funny… his a dance teacher but we have not ONCE seen Danyl dance in one of his performances! 

Joe McElderly was next after Danyl. He sang “Sway the Michael Buble version”. This performance bored me as well! Joe shouldn’t do latin Dancing! It made him look WRONG! He has no Rhythm! Poor thing trying to get into the Lingo and it just wasn’t happening! Overall it was an okay performance! iThink he should stick to ballads!

Lucie Jones was next with “My Funny Valentine” Simon said she sang it like an actress. I think she sang it good but she needs to stop standing still like she is at a bus stop! She needs to move around more! Just because ur singing a Ballad doesn’t mean u must stand still! Give the camera man something to do! MOVE! When u move the camera man Moves with u! The performance was OKAY though! Not alot of bad things to say about it but not a lot of good things to say about it either.

The HORRORS of X-Factor was up next… Who else? JOHN AND EDWARD! They couldn’t get no cheesier or worst! They sang Ricky Martin She Bangs. One of the twins looked like they was slower than the other! Never are these boys in sync! They have no rhythm also! This is just terrible! I’m upset they are still there! They should have GONE by now! They make X-Factor seem like High school Musical! High School Music (The PISSTAKING EDITION!) Louis needs to disqualify them just like how he disqualified those Chinese girls that lied about their age! Here is the dreadful performance! The first note is WAY OF KEY! Is England TONE DEAF!?

What a dreadful way to end this weeks X-Factor!

Has Alexandra Burke Really Overcome?

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The Debut album of Alexandra Burke “Overcome” was released on Monday! There has been a lot of hype over the album. With her debut single “Bad Boys” being released (featuring Flo-Rida). Her performance on X-Factor, and just Alex in general! Me personally, I was excited for the album! iHeard the track “Overcome” It self long before the album was released and iThought that “If the album is gonna sound like this then I’m defiantly getting it” I’ve finally got it… But am I impressed?

Opening the album with her debut single was Bad Boys (featuring Flo-Rida) Next in line was “Good Night Good Morning (featuring Ne-Yo)”, Alexandra working with Ne-Yo, iThought would be a good combination, In my head iThought it would have been another “Hate that I Love You” track, iWas  mistaken! The track, is OKAY but not up to standards! I expected more from Ne-Yo and Alexandra VOCALLY! U then get welcomed to the track called “The Silence” which is a BIG SONG In my eyes! The lyrically content, The vocals, the beat! The song is cutting the cheese! After hearing “The Silence” iThought this album isn’t gonna be as bad as people say it is! Until iHeard Bury Me (6 Feet Under) iWas disappointed! The album is really “Pop” Generated! Which iDo not understand!

When Alex won X-Factor… The songs she sang on X-Factor was quite soulful apart from when she performed “Candy Man” & “Toxic” but that’s nothing major, to be in X-Factor u have to show u can be a versatile artist! But most of Alex’s songs where soulful, Her wining song “Hallelujah” was soulful! But Alex doesn’t express much SOUL on this album at ALL! The album is very Pop/Dance genre!

Another thing… If ur gonna call ur album OVERCOME. Please do tracks that show what U have Overcome. The one track isn’t good enough. When I first heard Alex was calling her album Overcome I got the impression Alex was gonna talk about her personal life within the album! I wasn’t expecting her to be talking about Going out clubbing, and BrAlexandra Burke Album starsoken Heals! However the track Overcome it self is such a SOULFUL track! And really expresses Alexandra’s vocals! but on other tracks U do not hear that soulful Alex coming out… Ur just hearing club songs! (I wouldn’t personally dance to some of these songs if they played them in a club I went to)

Talking about the album title. The image of the album cover does not EXPRESS that Alex has Overcome anything! Misinterpretation!

Over all iAm very disappointed within this album as it wasn’t what I expected! @THESKORPION said that Alex’s album was all over the place, and also pointed out that “Alex said she has been influenced by Beyonce but we see no Beyonce influence within this album” Which is honestly true! To be honest on some of the tracks Alex sounds like she should be in the girl group Sugababes!

It kills me to say that this Album wasn’t what I expected! because I was really happy that Alex won the X-Factor and that she was rising to fame. I do believe she needs to change her image!

Alexandra Burke – Overcome = 4 Stars/5 Stars

Favourite Tracks:

  1. Bad Boys (Feat. Flo-Rida)
  2. The Silence
  3. Broken Heals
  4. Overcome

X-Factor – OoPz iChose The Wrong Song

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X-Factor’s second live show was  last night, and it was Diva week! X-Factor classes these artist’s as Divas: Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce. I personally disagree with Britney Spears being a DIVA but hey!? she has served her time within the music industry and has overcome a lot of things! So I’ll give it to her. This week Whitney Houston was the famous person to give the X-Factor contestants advice on the song they were singing this week. Lets just say that she was very straight forward, and wasn’t afraid to share her opinion! Before iStart with anything, can iSay that this weeks episode was very entertaining!

To stat of the show was Lucie with her version of (How Will I Know – Whitney Houston). This performance was okay! I’m not gonna knock Lucie at all because iBelieve she is a Good singer. However this performance was not her best in my eyes! It was a bit out of tune at the beginning but she kind of picked it up! But iWas a bit worried about the performance. I think the dancing put major effort and pressure on her little head!

The second person to perform was Olly. He sang “Fool In Love by Tamyra Gray (American Idol version)” Olly really wowed me with his performance! Last week iWasn’t to keen on Olly’s performance but this week he defiantly got back in my good books! He even broke down a piece of dancing! It was a good performance Plus he kept it in tune! Not a big fan of the skinny shiny trousers though Olly but Well Done! defiantly one of my favourite performances of the night!

Miss Frank were next to perform. I’m not sure if it’s me but I get really excited when Miss Frank are coming to perform, because I’m not sure if they are going to give a good performance or if it will be wack. They sang “All The Man That I Need by Whitney” At the start iWasn’t impressed. The girl with the Blonde weave (which looks bad sometimes) sounded a bit out of tune! But it doesn’t surprise me… She always does! But when the rest of the girls got together they sounded GOOD! They brought that performance back to size! They need to work on their solo parts and sort out the girl with the BAD WEAVE! I personally believe they are giving her the Beyonce image! Which doesn’t really suit her at the moment!

Rachel was next with her song. As we know Rachel was in the bottom two last week. Which really shocked me (If u read my last blog post). This week she came back stronger! She sang Beyonce If I Were A Boy! If u haven’t noticed yet Rachel is my favourite to win!! Her performance was good in my eyes. She had on a little Whitney Houston jacket. I call it the Whitney Houston jacket because it looked like the same jacket Whitney wore in the “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” Video. Rachel did me proud in my eyes, I know a lot of people was wondering why she was on the floor at the start, but she PULLED IT OFF! Here is Rachel’s performance:

Joe performed Whitney Houston’s Classic (Where Do Broken Hearts Go). I haven’t got much to say about the performance, he did well especially since his vocals ain’t all that strong! But this little man did kind of pull it off! He did well for himself. He was the best out of Cheryl’s Category tonight!

Every week it seems like Danyl Johnson has a lot of attention revolving around him. Last week he got called Cocky and he came out of the closet by Danni’s comments. This week he got told by WHITNEY HOUSTON that he better sing her song in the right Ballard! If we had video footage on the internet I would show u all but unfortunately we don’t! Danyl sang Whitney Houston’s new song of her new album which hasn’t been officially released in the UK yet. He sang “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” Whitney told Danyl that this song means A LOT to her! And was told that he better sing it right! If U get told by Whitney Houston to sing her own song right… BOY! U BETTER SING IT RIGHT! Danyl kind of did sing it right… He was okay! U can judge for urself…

The next contestant was Lloyd Daniels. He sang Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. When iFound out that Lloyd was singing bleeding love by Leona Lewis. I thought it was a BIG no NO! He could hardly sing Justin Timberlakes “Cry Me a River”. So how the hell is he gonna sing a big Leona Lewis high hitting/chart topping song! Lloyd slowed the song RIGHT DOWN! iDidn’t think the song could have got any slower… People was saying on twitter that they liked what he did with the song… But me personally I didn’t! iThink it proves that he isn’t a good singer. Cheryl (His mentor) got emotional because its Diva week and she didn’t know what song to give him as a boy… Cheryl getting emotional proves to me that she KNEW she gave him the wrong song!

This is where my blog post gets a little bit Militant! John & Edward did the Gayest performance ever in X-Factor History! These two contestants need to be removed from the show A.S.A.P! They have no talent! Cannot sing! and they are turning the X-Factor into a Karaoke show! Watch the performance for urself and see what i’m talking about! It’s not good TV I’m telling u that now!

Rikki was next to perform. My personal views on Rikki, is… iDon’t like him personally iDon’t know why…? he just has this weird look to him! His not the best singer in my eyes, and by far will not win the X-Factor (I Hope not anyway). This week he sang Aretha Franklin R.E.S.P.C.T, Whitney Houston advised him that “U Gonna sing an Aretha song!? U better sing it Well!” which is totally true! We all know the crazy notes Aretha Franklin hits, and Rikki can’t hit them crazy notes at all! He could barely sing Amy Winehouse Back To Black! This is Rikki’s performance. P.S. Rikki please fix ur eyebrows!

Jamie! Jamie sang Christina Aguilera – Hurt. This is not one of my favourite tracks from Christina Aguilera, BUT! I do think this was a good change for Jamie! He is the kind of person to rock it out, and he Poped/Rocked it out a bit! I give him that! He took it home! iDon’t think it was his best performance but it was one of the strongest of tonight!

Last but not least is Stacey Solomon. She sang “At Last – The Beyonce version. Stacey really can sing, and iBelieve her performance was one the best. In my eyes she didn’t go out of tune. It was a good performance. I thought she looked great! I’m glad they got rid of her fringe. Her performance was a good performance good enough to keep her in for another week. HOWEVER Stacey is bit on cloud 9 when she’s not singing! Her personality its a bit… It just makes u wanna stare at her and think… O-KAY!

On Sunday’s show Whitney Houston is singing Million Dollar Bill and Cheryl Cole is singing her debut single “Fight For This Love”.

X-Factor – Bad Bodies End Up In the Bottom 2

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X-Factor this year has changed badly! Its got the American Idol feel! The reason iSay this because we never had the results on a Sunday evening! Putting us in suspense!

During this Sunday performance we saw Alexandra Burke open up the show with her brand new single (Bad Boys). In my eyes she SMASHED IT! Not only did Alex sing, She danced as well! She is a true performer! There has been a lot of talk with Alex miming her song! But iTruly disagree! If u listen carefully u can tell that she is not miming! Especially when she starts to do the routine! She stops singing and u can only hear the backing vocals! Its plain to me that she wasn’t miming! But If she was! JLS did it! Why can’t she!? If U missed Alexandra’s performance here it is.

Alex wasn’t the only one who performed @ Sunday’s show. Robbie Williams also did his return with his new song “Bodies”. There’s been a lot of hype about Robbie being “High” during the performance, which to me is absolutely HILARIOUS! Because if he was it explains why he couldn’t keep still on stage! If U missed Robbie Williams performance, here it is:

Its time for the Results, and getting straight to the point John & Edward got through! I’m really upset about that! because within my eyes iThought the bottom two would be John & Edward and Kandy Rain! the Script was flipped! John & Edward was the first candidates to know they where through to the next round! iWas PISSED! If iAm allowed to say that… iWas PISSED! The Bottom two was announced as:

  • Rachel Adedeji
  • Kandy Rain

RACHEL! iWas highly shocked and WELL disappointed. Rachel sang Pink – Nobody Knows to save her in the competition and Kandy Rain sang Fighter – Christina Aguilera.

Rachel’s performance was straight from the heart! As I know how much being in X-Factor means a lot to Rachel and I know for sure she wasn’t expecting on going in the first week! Especially when she’s in the competition with people like John & Edward!

Kandy Rain didn’t cut the cheese for me! There vocals wasn’t on point once again! and they was trying to hard to hit some high notes that they KNOW they can’t reach! Them singing Fighter kind of contradicted themselves a bit, because there outfits didn’t make them look like fighters, But iUnderstand they had to wear the same clothes they wore the night before! So iWill let them off!

Its time for the Judges to vote and Kandy Rain automatically got a vote because Louis wasn’t there. Danni & Cheryl nominated to send Kandy Rain home, Danni would because Rachel is her candidate! Simon’s comments was just… Gob-smacking! He said that he wanted to see more of Kandy Rain and decided to send Rachel home. I was upset with this because in my eyes it looks like Simon wants to Masturbate (I’m trying to keep it professional!) during Kandy’s Rain performance’s (with them being Strippers in the past! and their Erotic image).

Because Kandy Rain got 2 Votes to stay and Rachel had 2 Votes to stay. It was a Draw! Which was TOO MUCH FOR THE FIRST LIVE SHOW IN MY EYES! Between Rachel and Kandy Rain… THERE IS A MASSIVE COMPARISON! So it was left to who got the most public votes! Thank the LORD that Kandy Rain got the less public votes and they was sent home! Rachel is still in X-Factor for another week 🙂

Next week Whitney Houston is performing, and so is Cheryl! We Shall see what Saturday and Sunday has in store for the 11 Contestants left!

X-Factor – First Live Show(s)

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Hello Everyone! I’ve been thinking hard, what to do to keep you lot reading my blog. Nothing better than X-Factor is there! And just like every year! I’m very interested!

This year has been really interesting! We have to admit we have had a lot of good contestants this year. When it came down to the judges houses it was a difficult choice of who to go through to the live show!  I was upset that Cheryl didn’t put through Duane Lamonte (Not because I Know him personally) but he has Talent! and a few others Cheryl sent home I was upset about especially Ethan! Louis put through the Twins… I say no more. Simon got rid of some GOOD acts! Daniel from One True Voice was one of my favorites, but it’s upsetting that he didn’t get through and upsetting that others didn’t get through (I’m so sorry iCan’t remember all of their names!) But lets roll on the live shows!

X-Factor had a makeover, the new stage looks good! Anyone would want to perform on there now, Never mind present the show on the stage. For the first live show X-Factor had a lot of drama going on!

Rachel opened the show, with the Robbie Williams classic “Let me Entertain You”. U have to admit no-one has either on their first performance done dancing and Singing! Rachel was amazing! Rachel is my favourite to win!

Kandy Rain performed “Addicted To Love”, and They didn’t sound good to me, One of the girl members had Cat Ears on top of their head. They just wasn’t on point! And personally I’ve always thought they wasn’t on point! The judges wasn’t to happy with their performance because Kandy Rain wanted to get rid of there “Stripper” Image, Well that idea got THROWN out the window! They looked like strippers on stage! Just dancing with the Microphone stand instead of a Pole!

Olly sang “She’s the One”. Simon was looking to have Olly make this song his own, to be honest with u, Olly was a bit out of tune at the start, but further on in the performance he picked it up! Well done Olly! Olly is one of my favourites but iGot a feeling he can do way better!

Rikki’s performance wasn’t great in my eyes! He sang Back To Black, and iPersonally believe his vocals ain’t as strong yet! He tried his best with the song, but didn’t try hard enough in my eyes! He just hasn’t worked hard enough for me to like him. I’m Just saying!

Stacey Solomon. (sigh) Stacey – Stacey – Stacey! Her performance was great! She sang “Scientist” and without a doubt Stacey can sing! Her voice is a bit annoying though but she CAN sing! Without a doubt! iDon’t really have much to say about her performance.

Miss Frank sang “Who’s Loving You” iLove Miss Frank! iLike what X-Factor have done, put them all in a group, this is the first time something like that has happened in X-Factor and iThink its great! HOWEVER! iPersonally believe the girl in the middle of this photo, needs to be removed from the group! If she wasn’t there the two that have been left would make Miss Frank a brilliant Group! The girl with the Blonde Weave! (Yes its WEAVE!) needs to be removed in my eyes, iThink her vocals bring the group right DOWN! But the girl’s performance was great apart from the girl with the bad weave (Yes that’s my nickname for her). I’m thinking X-Factor is trying to make them like Mis-Teeq though.

Jamie sang “Get It on (Bang on Gong)” don’t ask me who originally sang it because iSeriously don’t know! But iHave nothing to say about Jamie. His performance was one of the best actually within my eyes! He kept it real, iLiked his jacket! Something iWould wear to be honest LOL. It was a good performance! Thumbs up to Jamie for not getting no negative feedback!

Lloyd Daniels sang “Cry Me a River” iPersonally believe that Lloyd’s performance was not there Vocally! Everyone knows how much of a classic Cry Me a River is, and if ur going to sing a song like that, u have to sing it with Passion, Lloyd didn’t sing it with passion in my eyes. I’m sure Shane Ward sang it, and Shane did it better when he was on X-Factor. iPersonally believe Cheryl let Lloyd go through because a lot of little girls will be voting for him so they can see him week after week! But his performance was WACK! iDon’t think he will last long in the show if he sings songs like that… He seems more of a, Coldplay man, Daniel Merriweather, or that dude that sings “Your Beautiful” That seems more of Lloyd’s vocal range!

Lucie sang “Footprints In the Sand” By Leona Lewis, It was a good performance. Without a doubt Lucie can sing! All of Dannii’s contestants can SING! It wasn’t so much like the Leona version, which Simon was right, because Leona does hit some Strong notes near the end of that song, which is what Lucie didn’t do. But overall the performance was class and Smooth!

John & Edward sang “Rock DJ” FINALLY! Its my time to slander these Twins! iPersonally don’t know what they are doing within the X-Factor. Because they definatly don’t have no X-Factor! They are highly annoying! Relating to their performance… There performance was HIGHLY annoying! They was jumping up and down the stage like they just finished eating a packet of Haribo’s, There vocals wasn’t on point. They wasn’t on point! They need to be removed from the competition A.S.A.P! P.S. Why is their hairstyles higher than a Mountain!?

Joe sang “No Regrets” I don’t like Joe… iDon’t have a reason, but iDon’t like him, but aside my opinions. His performance was actually okay! I don’t know who sings the song originally but his performance was on Point! He was the best out of Cheryl’s category! Lets hope he can carry that on throughout the competition.

Danyl Johnson sang “And I Am Telling You” By Jennifer Hudson. Danyl wowed the NATION with his first Audition, unfortunately he lost me as a fan during Boot camp, when his Big Ego overtook him! iWas looking forward to his performance because iWanted to see how he would pull it off. He kind of did pull it off do not get me wrong! But Danyl spoiled it for me when he threw down the Microphone stand! iPersonally believe there was no NEED! That just proves that he has a BIG EGO! Danyl got a lot of attention because Danni said that he shouldn’t have changed the Sexual Preference within in the performance because of his sexuality. iWas highly Baffled! Because iDidn’t know Danyl was bisexual until Saturday! iWas WOWED!  If any of u missed Saturday’s show you can watch the video here. It includes Danni’s comments! (See how iKeep You all updated!)

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