X-Factor this year has changed badly! Its got the American Idol feel! The reason iSay this because we never had the results on a Sunday evening! Putting us in suspense!

During this Sunday performance we saw Alexandra Burke open up the show with her brand new single (Bad Boys). In my eyes she SMASHED IT! Not only did Alex sing, She danced as well! She is a true performer! There has been a lot of talk with Alex miming her song! But iTruly disagree! If u listen carefully u can tell that she is not miming! Especially when she starts to do the routine! She stops singing and u can only hear the backing vocals! Its plain to me that she wasn’t miming! But If she was! JLS did it! Why can’t she!? If U missed Alexandra’s performance here it is.

Alex wasn’t the only one who performed @ Sunday’s show. Robbie Williams also did his return with his new song “Bodies”. There’s been a lot of hype about Robbie being “High” during the performance, which to me is absolutely HILARIOUS! Because if he was it explains why he couldn’t keep still on stage! If U missed Robbie Williams performance, here it is:

Its time for the Results, and getting straight to the point John & Edward got through! I’m really upset about that! because within my eyes iThought the bottom two would be John & Edward and Kandy Rain! the Script was flipped! John & Edward was the first candidates to know they where through to the next round! iWas PISSED! If iAm allowed to say that… iWas PISSED! The Bottom two was announced as:

  • Rachel Adedeji
  • Kandy Rain

RACHEL! iWas highly shocked and WELL disappointed. Rachel sang Pink – Nobody Knows to save her in the competition and Kandy Rain sang Fighter – Christina Aguilera.

Rachel’s performance was straight from the heart! As I know how much being in X-Factor means a lot to Rachel and I know for sure she wasn’t expecting on going in the first week! Especially when she’s in the competition with people like John & Edward!

Kandy Rain didn’t cut the cheese for me! There vocals wasn’t on point once again! and they was trying to hard to hit some high notes that they KNOW they can’t reach! Them singing Fighter kind of contradicted themselves a bit, because there outfits didn’t make them look like fighters, But iUnderstand they had to wear the same clothes they wore the night before! So iWill let them off!

Its time for the Judges to vote and Kandy Rain automatically got a vote because Louis wasn’t there. Danni & Cheryl nominated to send Kandy Rain home, Danni would because Rachel is her candidate! Simon’s comments was just… Gob-smacking! He said that he wanted to see more of Kandy Rain and decided to send Rachel home. I was upset with this because in my eyes it looks like Simon wants to Masturbate (I’m trying to keep it professional!) during Kandy’s Rain performance’s (with them being Strippers in the past! and their Erotic image).

Because Kandy Rain got 2 Votes to stay and Rachel had 2 Votes to stay. It was a Draw! Which was TOO MUCH FOR THE FIRST LIVE SHOW IN MY EYES! Between Rachel and Kandy Rain… THERE IS A MASSIVE COMPARISON! So it was left to who got the most public votes! Thank the LORD that Kandy Rain got the less public votes and they was sent home! Rachel is still in X-Factor for another week 🙂

Next week Whitney Houston is performing, and so is Cheryl! We Shall see what Saturday and Sunday has in store for the 11 Contestants left!