Hello Everyone! I’ve been thinking hard, what to do to keep you lot reading my blog. Nothing better than X-Factor is there! And just like every year! I’m very interested!

This year has been really interesting! We have to admit we have had a lot of good contestants this year. When it came down to the judges houses it was a difficult choice of who to go through to the live show!  I was upset that Cheryl didn’t put through Duane Lamonte (Not because I Know him personally) but he has Talent! and a few others Cheryl sent home I was upset about especially Ethan! Louis put through the Twins… I say no more. Simon got rid of some GOOD acts! Daniel from One True Voice was one of my favorites, but it’s upsetting that he didn’t get through and upsetting that others didn’t get through (I’m so sorry iCan’t remember all of their names!) But lets roll on the live shows!

X-Factor had a makeover, the new stage looks good! Anyone would want to perform on there now, Never mind present the show on the stage. For the first live show X-Factor had a lot of drama going on!

Rachel opened the show, with the Robbie Williams classic “Let me Entertain You”. U have to admit no-one has either on their first performance done dancing and Singing! Rachel was amazing! Rachel is my favourite to win!

Kandy Rain performed “Addicted To Love”, and They didn’t sound good to me, One of the girl members had Cat Ears on top of their head. They just wasn’t on point! And personally I’ve always thought they wasn’t on point! The judges wasn’t to happy with their performance because Kandy Rain wanted to get rid of there “Stripper” Image, Well that idea got THROWN out the window! They looked like strippers on stage! Just dancing with the Microphone stand instead of a Pole!

Olly sang “She’s the One”. Simon was looking to have Olly make this song his own, to be honest with u, Olly was a bit out of tune at the start, but further on in the performance he picked it up! Well done Olly! Olly is one of my favourites but iGot a feeling he can do way better!

Rikki’s performance wasn’t great in my eyes! He sang Back To Black, and iPersonally believe his vocals ain’t as strong yet! He tried his best with the song, but didn’t try hard enough in my eyes! He just hasn’t worked hard enough for me to like him. I’m Just saying!

Stacey Solomon. (sigh) Stacey – Stacey – Stacey! Her performance was great! She sang “Scientist” and without a doubt Stacey can sing! Her voice is a bit annoying though but she CAN sing! Without a doubt! iDon’t really have much to say about her performance.

Miss Frank sang “Who’s Loving You” iLove Miss Frank! iLike what X-Factor have done, put them all in a group, this is the first time something like that has happened in X-Factor and iThink its great! HOWEVER! iPersonally believe the girl in the middle of this photo, needs to be removed from the group! If she wasn’t there the two that have been left would make Miss Frank a brilliant Group! The girl with the Blonde Weave! (Yes its WEAVE!) needs to be removed in my eyes, iThink her vocals bring the group right DOWN! But the girl’s performance was great apart from the girl with the bad weave (Yes that’s my nickname for her). I’m thinking X-Factor is trying to make them like Mis-Teeq though.

Jamie sang “Get It on (Bang on Gong)” don’t ask me who originally sang it because iSeriously don’t know! But iHave nothing to say about Jamie. His performance was one of the best actually within my eyes! He kept it real, iLiked his jacket! Something iWould wear to be honest LOL. It was a good performance! Thumbs up to Jamie for not getting no negative feedback!

Lloyd Daniels sang “Cry Me a River” iPersonally believe that Lloyd’s performance was not there Vocally! Everyone knows how much of a classic Cry Me a River is, and if ur going to sing a song like that, u have to sing it with Passion, Lloyd didn’t sing it with passion in my eyes. I’m sure Shane Ward sang it, and Shane did it better when he was on X-Factor. iPersonally believe Cheryl let Lloyd go through because a lot of little girls will be voting for him so they can see him week after week! But his performance was WACK! iDon’t think he will last long in the show if he sings songs like that… He seems more of a, Coldplay man, Daniel Merriweather, or that dude that sings “Your Beautiful” That seems more of Lloyd’s vocal range!

Lucie sang “Footprints In the Sand” By Leona Lewis, It was a good performance. Without a doubt Lucie can sing! All of Dannii’s contestants can SING! It wasn’t so much like the Leona version, which Simon was right, because Leona does hit some Strong notes near the end of that song, which is what Lucie didn’t do. But overall the performance was class and Smooth!

John & Edward sang “Rock DJ” FINALLY! Its my time to slander these Twins! iPersonally don’t know what they are doing within the X-Factor. Because they definatly don’t have no X-Factor! They are highly annoying! Relating to their performance… There performance was HIGHLY annoying! They was jumping up and down the stage like they just finished eating a packet of Haribo’s, There vocals wasn’t on point. They wasn’t on point! They need to be removed from the competition A.S.A.P! P.S. Why is their hairstyles higher than a Mountain!?

Joe sang “No Regrets” I don’t like Joe… iDon’t have a reason, but iDon’t like him, but aside my opinions. His performance was actually okay! I don’t know who sings the song originally but his performance was on Point! He was the best out of Cheryl’s category! Lets hope he can carry that on throughout the competition.

Danyl Johnson sang “And I Am Telling You” By Jennifer Hudson. Danyl wowed the NATION with his first Audition, unfortunately he lost me as a fan during Boot camp, when his Big Ego overtook him! iWas looking forward to his performance because iWanted to see how he would pull it off. He kind of did pull it off do not get me wrong! But Danyl spoiled it for me when he threw down the Microphone stand! iPersonally believe there was no NEED! That just proves that he has a BIG EGO! Danyl got a lot of attention because Danni said that he shouldn’t have changed the Sexual Preference within in the performance because of his sexuality. iWas highly Baffled! Because iDidn’t know Danyl was bisexual until Saturday! iWas WOWED!  If any of u missed Saturday’s show you can watch the video here. It includes Danni’s comments! (See how iKeep You all updated!)