X-Factor’s second live show was  last night, and it was Diva week! X-Factor classes these artist’s as Divas: Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce. I personally disagree with Britney Spears being a DIVA but hey!? she has served her time within the music industry and has overcome a lot of things! So I’ll give it to her. This week Whitney Houston was the famous person to give the X-Factor contestants advice on the song they were singing this week. Lets just say that she was very straight forward, and wasn’t afraid to share her opinion! Before iStart with anything, can iSay that this weeks episode was very entertaining!

To stat of the show was Lucie with her version of (How Will I Know – Whitney Houston). This performance was okay! I’m not gonna knock Lucie at all because iBelieve she is a Good singer. However this performance was not her best in my eyes! It was a bit out of tune at the beginning but she kind of picked it up! But iWas a bit worried about the performance. I think the dancing put major effort and pressure on her little head!

The second person to perform was Olly. He sang “Fool In Love by Tamyra Gray (American Idol version)” Olly really wowed me with his performance! Last week iWasn’t to keen on Olly’s performance but this week he defiantly got back in my good books! He even broke down a piece of dancing! It was a good performance Plus he kept it in tune! Not a big fan of the skinny shiny trousers though Olly but Well Done! defiantly one of my favourite performances of the night!

Miss Frank were next to perform. I’m not sure if it’s me but I get really excited when Miss Frank are coming to perform, because I’m not sure if they are going to give a good performance or if it will be wack. They sang “All The Man That I Need by Whitney” At the start iWasn’t impressed. The girl with the Blonde weave (which looks bad sometimes) sounded a bit out of tune! But it doesn’t surprise me… She always does! But when the rest of the girls got together they sounded GOOD! They brought that performance back to size! They need to work on their solo parts and sort out the girl with the BAD WEAVE! I personally believe they are giving her the Beyonce image! Which doesn’t really suit her at the moment!

Rachel was next with her song. As we know Rachel was in the bottom two last week. Which really shocked me (If u read my last blog post). This week she came back stronger! She sang Beyonce If I Were A Boy! If u haven’t noticed yet Rachel is my favourite to win!! Her performance was good in my eyes. She had on a little Whitney Houston jacket. I call it the Whitney Houston jacket because it looked like the same jacket Whitney wore in the “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” Video. Rachel did me proud in my eyes, I know a lot of people was wondering why she was on the floor at the start, but she PULLED IT OFF! Here is Rachel’s performance:

Joe performed Whitney Houston’s Classic (Where Do Broken Hearts Go). I haven’t got much to say about the performance, he did well especially since his vocals ain’t all that strong! But this little man did kind of pull it off! He did well for himself. He was the best out of Cheryl’s Category tonight!

Every week it seems like Danyl Johnson has a lot of attention revolving around him. Last week he got called Cocky and he came out of the closet by Danni’s comments. This week he got told by WHITNEY HOUSTON that he better sing her song in the right Ballard! If we had video footage on the internet I would show u all but unfortunately we don’t! Danyl sang Whitney Houston’s new song of her new album which hasn’t been officially released in the UK yet. He sang “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” Whitney told Danyl that this song means A LOT to her! And was told that he better sing it right! If U get told by Whitney Houston to sing her own song right… BOY! U BETTER SING IT RIGHT! Danyl kind of did sing it right… He was okay! U can judge for urself…

The next contestant was Lloyd Daniels. He sang Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. When iFound out that Lloyd was singing bleeding love by Leona Lewis. I thought it was a BIG no NO! He could hardly sing Justin Timberlakes “Cry Me a River”. So how the hell is he gonna sing a big Leona Lewis high hitting/chart topping song! Lloyd slowed the song RIGHT DOWN! iDidn’t think the song could have got any slower… People was saying on twitter that they liked what he did with the song… But me personally I didn’t! iThink it proves that he isn’t a good singer. Cheryl (His mentor) got emotional because its Diva week and she didn’t know what song to give him as a boy… Cheryl getting emotional proves to me that she KNEW she gave him the wrong song!

This is where my blog post gets a little bit Militant! John & Edward did the Gayest performance ever in X-Factor History! These two contestants need to be removed from the show A.S.A.P! They have no talent! Cannot sing! and they are turning the X-Factor into a Karaoke show! Watch the performance for urself and see what i’m talking about! It’s not good TV I’m telling u that now!

Rikki was next to perform. My personal views on Rikki, is… iDon’t like him personally iDon’t know why…? he just has this weird look to him! His not the best singer in my eyes, and by far will not win the X-Factor (I Hope not anyway). This week he sang Aretha Franklin R.E.S.P.C.T, Whitney Houston advised him that “U Gonna sing an Aretha song!? U better sing it Well!” which is totally true! We all know the crazy notes Aretha Franklin hits, and Rikki can’t hit them crazy notes at all! He could barely sing Amy Winehouse Back To Black! This is Rikki’s performance. P.S. Rikki please fix ur eyebrows!

Jamie! Jamie sang Christina Aguilera – Hurt. This is not one of my favourite tracks from Christina Aguilera, BUT! I do think this was a good change for Jamie! He is the kind of person to rock it out, and he Poped/Rocked it out a bit! I give him that! He took it home! iDon’t think it was his best performance but it was one of the strongest of tonight!

Last but not least is Stacey Solomon. She sang “At Last – The Beyonce version. Stacey really can sing, and iBelieve her performance was one the best. In my eyes she didn’t go out of tune. It was a good performance. I thought she looked great! I’m glad they got rid of her fringe. Her performance was a good performance good enough to keep her in for another week. HOWEVER Stacey is bit on cloud 9 when she’s not singing! Her personality its a bit… It just makes u wanna stare at her and think… O-KAY!

On Sunday’s show Whitney Houston is singing Million Dollar Bill and Cheryl Cole is singing her debut single “Fight For This Love”.