The Debut album of Alexandra Burke “Overcome” was released on Monday! There has been a lot of hype over the album. With her debut single “Bad Boys” being released (featuring Flo-Rida). Her performance on X-Factor, and just Alex in general! Me personally, I was excited for the album! iHeard the track “Overcome” It self long before the album was released and iThought that “If the album is gonna sound like this then I’m defiantly getting it” I’ve finally got it… But am I impressed?

Opening the album with her debut single was Bad Boys (featuring Flo-Rida) Next in line was “Good Night Good Morning (featuring Ne-Yo)”, Alexandra working with Ne-Yo, iThought would be a good combination, In my head iThought it would have been another “Hate that I Love You” track, iWas  mistaken! The track, is OKAY but not up to standards! I expected more from Ne-Yo and Alexandra VOCALLY! U then get welcomed to the track called “The Silence” which is a BIG SONG In my eyes! The lyrically content, The vocals, the beat! The song is cutting the cheese! After hearing “The Silence” iThought this album isn’t gonna be as bad as people say it is! Until iHeard Bury Me (6 Feet Under) iWas disappointed! The album is really “Pop” Generated! Which iDo not understand!

When Alex won X-Factor… The songs she sang on X-Factor was quite soulful apart from when she performed “Candy Man” & “Toxic” but that’s nothing major, to be in X-Factor u have to show u can be a versatile artist! But most of Alex’s songs where soulful, Her wining song “Hallelujah” was soulful! But Alex doesn’t express much SOUL on this album at ALL! The album is very Pop/Dance genre!

Another thing… If ur gonna call ur album OVERCOME. Please do tracks that show what U have Overcome. The one track isn’t good enough. When I first heard Alex was calling her album Overcome I got the impression Alex was gonna talk about her personal life within the album! I wasn’t expecting her to be talking about Going out clubbing, and BrAlexandra Burke Album starsoken Heals! However the track Overcome it self is such a SOULFUL track! And really expresses Alexandra’s vocals! but on other tracks U do not hear that soulful Alex coming out… Ur just hearing club songs! (I wouldn’t personally dance to some of these songs if they played them in a club I went to)

Talking about the album title. The image of the album cover does not EXPRESS that Alex has Overcome anything! Misinterpretation!

Over all iAm very disappointed within this album as it wasn’t what I expected! @THESKORPION said that Alex’s album was all over the place, and also pointed out that “Alex said she has been influenced by Beyonce but we see no Beyonce influence within this album” Which is honestly true! To be honest on some of the tracks Alex sounds like she should be in the girl group Sugababes!

It kills me to say that this Album wasn’t what I expected! because I was really happy that Alex won the X-Factor and that she was rising to fame. I do believe she needs to change her image!

Alexandra Burke – Overcome = 4 Stars/5 Stars

Favourite Tracks:

  1. Bad Boys (Feat. Flo-Rida)
  2. The Silence
  3. Broken Heals
  4. Overcome