X-Factor this week was: BIG BAND WEEK! This means there is a live band on stage with the contestants. I think it was the most competitive week so far however I do think it was BORING as well. If u can’t sing with a live band, how do u expect to go on tour! I personally didn’t like the fact that some contestants went for the Jazz type performance. There isn’t no need u could go down any road with the Big Band week! Anyway let’s get my comments Rolling!

To open up the show was Olly Murs he sang (Bewitched – Steve Lawrence) He went down the Jazz road as well… which I didn’t like only because I don’t like Jazz music to tough, I don’t really have much to say about Olly’s performance it was average. He handled it well and he is a great performer!

Last week iSaid iDidn’t like Lloyd’s performance. If U can’t sing a Justin Timberlake Song and a Leona Lewis song iDon’t think u deserve to be in X-Factor. This week Lloyd sang “Fly To the Moon By Kaye Ballard” He did a back-flip on stage which was unnecessary! Girls got excited… Why!? I don’t know! All he did was a Back-Flip he didn’t do a crowd dive or anything! How ever iDo think Jazz suits Lloyd’s voice! But iAlso agree with what Louis said “I think U need to be in a band Lloyd” its true! I think he needs to be in a boy band! His not strong enough to be a SOLO singer… HIS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BE IN X-FACTOR! What do u think of Lloyd Daniels performance?

Miss Frank (my second favorite contestants in the X-Factor). They sang “That’s Life By Frank Sinatra” They sang this song to get into the competition. Shaniece needs to sort out her weave SERIOUSLY. The rap was kind of unnecessary. But Miss Frank didn’t do it as strong as they did when they did it at Boot camp! They was on point with the vocals. Simon finally just started to believe in them. It’s such a shame what happened to them…

MY FAVOURITE CONTESTANT OF THE X-FACTOR WAS NEXT! Rachel Adedeji! Rachel has been in the bottom two twice so far during the competition so this performance she had to PROVE she shouldn’t be there! Rachel delivered the performance! She killed it and she was BRILLIANT! She wowed me! She sang “Proud Mary – The Beyonce Version”. She’s had a make over with her hair, and everything! She got good comments from Simon and it saved her from the bottom two! There has been a lot of Gossip going around that she was acting like Stacey after she received the Judges comments, iUnderstand she was excited but iDon’t think she acted like Stacey iJust think it’s because nobody hasn’t seen the excited and Happy Rachel!

Jamie was next to perform he sang “Angel Of Harlem – U2”. What iWas happy about is that Jamie didn’t go down the Jazz road with his performance. He stuck to what he knew best! and proves that u can take any direction with Big Band week! Jamie is one of my favourites because of his uniqueness. Even though I’m not into Rock music, he defiantly has talent! I know I wouldn’t buy his album but his got talent! I think the performance was a good performance especially since he only had 24 hours to prepare!

Stacey Solomon sang “Wishing Upon A star – Cliff Edwards”. I Thought Stacey’s dress looked nice and she looks like Leona Lewis a bit.  She can defiantly sing! Theirs no doubt about it. But it bored me! She should have moved around a bit, but iUnderstand she couldn’t move in the dress. It must have been so tight! But the performance bored me! Apparently Stacey had a hard week… we don’t know why and how… but she had a hard week… BLESS!

Danyl Johnson was next to perform this guy is so OVERRATED in my eyes his not as good as people say he is… all he does is yell from the top of his voice and jump around stage! He has good stage presence that’s all! His voice is not brilliant at all! Mr. Overrated sang Feeling – From The Roar of the Greasepaint- The Smell of the Crowd” His version of the song wasn’t good at all… I’ve heard better! It’s funny… his a dance teacher but we have not ONCE seen Danyl dance in one of his performances! 

Joe McElderly was next after Danyl. He sang “Sway the Michael Buble version”. This performance bored me as well! Joe shouldn’t do latin Dancing! It made him look WRONG! He has no Rhythm! Poor thing trying to get into the Lingo and it just wasn’t happening! Overall it was an okay performance! iThink he should stick to ballads!

Lucie Jones was next with “My Funny Valentine” Simon said she sang it like an actress. I think she sang it good but she needs to stop standing still like she is at a bus stop! She needs to move around more! Just because ur singing a Ballad doesn’t mean u must stand still! Give the camera man something to do! MOVE! When u move the camera man Moves with u! The performance was OKAY though! Not alot of bad things to say about it but not a lot of good things to say about it either.

The HORRORS of X-Factor was up next… Who else? JOHN AND EDWARD! They couldn’t get no cheesier or worst! They sang Ricky Martin She Bangs. One of the twins looked like they was slower than the other! Never are these boys in sync! They have no rhythm also! This is just terrible! I’m upset they are still there! They should have GONE by now! They make X-Factor seem like High school Musical! High School Music (The PISSTAKING EDITION!) Louis needs to disqualify them just like how he disqualified those Chinese girls that lied about their age! Here is the dreadful performance! The first note is WAY OF KEY! Is England TONE DEAF!?

What a dreadful way to end this weeks X-Factor!