Cheryl Cole’s first solo album Dropped this week. The album is called “3 Words”. The 3 Words stand for “I Love You”. I personally believe the album is dedicated to her husband Ashley Cole. I’m not saying there isn’t anything wrong with her dedicated it to her Husband Ashley, I’m just saying (LOL).

The first single to come off Cheryl Cole’s album was “Fight For This Love”. iLove Fight For This Love. The track is a TUNE! After listening to Fight For this Love. iHad to listen to the album to see if there was tracks like “Fight For This Love” That iMight like… Well…

I’m not sure if I should hate it or love it!

iPersonally believe the album has to grow on me… because the tracks are not actually CRAP but they are not that good either. To be honest Fight For this Love had to grow on me. I only started liking Fight For This Love when the video was released, but iThought the lyrics was WELL DEEP! I’m just not to sure! TCheryl Cole 3 Wordshe album is very R&B/Pop generated. But there is tracks that I like and there is tracks that I don’t like. Will.I.Am is on like 70% of the album which iDo not like. Just because Cheryl Cole is Buddies with him doesn’t mean he must Produce 70% of her album! Will.I.Am isn’t the best Producer out there!

The tracks I like are:

  • Fight For This Love
  • Rain On me
  • Happy Hour
  • Boy Like You

The tracks iThink will grow on me are:

  • Parachute
  • Heaven

The rest of them iAm just not sure! This album is very much like Marmite u either Love it or Hate it! Right now i’m in between! Well done Cheryl for giving me an Album that i’m not sure of liking or disliking!