x-Factor Logo 2009X-Factor’s Sunday show was very tense. I personally was praying that Rachel Adedeji doesn’t make the bottom 2 again! The special guest’s on Sunday’s show was “Westlife” and also “Michael Buble” both performed there upcoming new single releases. I preferred Westlife’s performance than Michael’s because Westlife actually sang a song that iActually like!  I think “What About now” is a good track! Even though it’s a cover. I like it. Here’s the video’s of Sunday’s special guests. A lot of people on Twitter was proud with X-Factor for having Artist’s who didn’t mime this weeks performances or wasn’t high during their performance.

Miss Frank X-FactorNow lets bring on the tension! The result was announced and GOOD NEWS! RACHEL WASN’T THERE! She survived this week! After being there for 2 weeks she survived it this week! Praise the LORD! However we do have some bad news! People who we didn’t expect to be in the Bottom two, was in there. Miss Frank and Danyl Johnson was in the bottom two. I wasn’t to surprised with Danyl being in the Bottom two iDo think he is overrated! But Miss Frank they have some good Harmonies!

Miss Frank sang “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Rose Royce” the performance was HEART FELT!

DanylDanyl sang “With A Little Help from my Friends – The Beatles” Danyl sang this song at his first audition of X-Factor, which Wowed the nation! But this performance he did this Sunday doesn’t compare! It was weaker than when he first sang it!

We gotta say this Bottom 2 is difficult! But heres the results …

I’m upset Miss Frank went… iPersonally believe that Miss Frank’s performance was better than Danyl’s but that’s the way X-Factor goes. Hopefully Miss Frank get signed because they got some mad harmonies when they pull it together.