X-Factor: Satan has been defeated!

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X-Factor this week was very eventful! We had Susan Boyle performing her new single of her new album, and Also we had to re-appearance of Mariah Carey! Unfortunately we don’t have the video of Mariah’s performance because X-Factor hasn’t uploaded it on YouTube but Mariah’s performance was SPECTACULAR! But here is Susan Boyle’s. Her track is called “Wild Horses”

The remaining contestants sang “Wake Me before You Go” which made all the male contestants look very… Homosexual (iTried to make it sound professional as possible!) The skinny jeans was just a NO! The X-factor Stylist needs to go back to Fashion school. If all the contestants could dance iThink this performance would be a great High school Musical moment!


Moving swiftly on to the Bottom two announcement, and iWas HAPPY! It was Olly & John and Edward! Can Someone shout Hallelujah!? John & Edward was in the bottom two, and iKnew they was going home, because Simon’s act was in the bottom two and once Simon’s act is against John & Edward they are bound to go home! I did say Olly would be a bit vulnerable this week. His performance was slacking something! But let the battle begin!

So Satan and his demon performed first: They performed BoyZone – No matter What. And they was DREADFUL! and iWas waiting for John & Edward to sing a Ballad for the public to see how dreadful they r! And they did! and it just proved to the whole nation that they are absolutely SH*T! They are Tone Deaf! and they just need to go home!

Olly was next and he performed “Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton” This performance by far was better than John & Edward’s Vocally! If Olly went home after this performance it would be an uproar! Because he was better than John & Edward by far!

The result judges had come to a decision and here it is: 

Well done Olly for defeating Satan and his Demons! It was about time John & Edward was sent home! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE X-FACTOR COMPETITION CAN NOW BEGIN!


X-Factor: Walk Away or Stay

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X-Factor this week was “Wham! week” With a touch of George Michael. There was a lot of press circling a certain contestant this week on X-Factor, but all that will be revealed as the blog goes on. I Was kind of excited to see who will sing what this week. My favourite song by George Michael is Faith, and iWas very anxious to see who will sing it, and if they will sing it good.

First to open the show was Lloyd with my favourite song by George Michael. Yes – he performed Faith, and surprisingly he sang it well! It was in his vocal range. Lloyd also done something to his hair which made him look a bit better, he also had fake tan on him (which iDidn’t see the need for) But this performance was okay! Lloyd does need a MASSIVE improvement though!

Next to perform was Stacey, she sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me – George Michael”. She looked stunning, but iDo think she should do more than singing ballads! It was a bit pitchy as well. But Stacey is a brilliant singer and she could be in the line to win, but last week’s performance was better than this week’s performance. I felt the emotion with last weeks performance, this week it was just all about her vocals which was kind of on point. Stacey would defiantly get far. However iDo think Stacey looks like Leona Lewis!

Then it was John & Edward to do their Weekly exercise (aka jumping and down on stage). It was very predictable that John & Edward was going to perform a Wham! song. They can’t sing ballads which we all will see later. What was up with JEdwards Skinny Jeans! They was too tight! They looked like they was entertaining Simon though,  But here is the dreadful performance

This week the Press was surrounding Danyl, because he ran out of the X-Factor studios throwing a tantrum because Simon wouldn’t let him sing the song he wanted to sing (which he ended up singing in the end anyway) also Danyl threaten to quit the show. Danyl you must learn you are not a Diva yet! You cannot be throwing Tantrum’s because your not getting your own way! U haven’t even won the show yet and ur throwing unnecessary tantrums! And the thing about u quitting is RIDICULOUS! It’s a once in a life time to be on X-Factor, do not take that for-granted Son! The public could take that from u at any moment in time! Going back to his performance Danyl was trying to hard in the song and he went a bit off tune, without a doubt Danyl can sing, but iThink he needs to tone it down. But iDo agree with Cheryl Cole his image is on point!

Olly was after Danyl, and sorry to say it, Olly was a big threat to be in the Bottom 2, this week. Also it was predictable that He was going to sing “Faster love” I personally want to hear Olly sing a Ballad. I do want him to slow it down a bit. Olly is dancing week in week out. iActually want him to do a Stacey and stand still and sing 🙂 But yes iWas fearing that Olly would be in the bottom two this week.

The winner was next to perform. Yes the WINNER! I’ve found my winner! Joe McElderley to WIN! However – during the video of Joe going home to see his family and College friends, Joe was walking like BeyoncĂ© in the video… Joe that is a big No No! Tone it down! Do not get to feminine! Scariest thing is – He actually knows how to do the BeyoncĂ© walk… Moving on! This performance Was Brilliant! Joe has a good voice! And He can SING! His performance touched me and was a good way to end the show! Joe McElderley to win X-Factor by far! He is brilliant! Joe turned me into a big fan! I do agree with Louie It was the best performance of the night!

X-Factor “You Are Not Alone” Official Video


This Video has been made for Charity, Every ÂŁ1 sold from this single will go to Charity. The Charity it will be going to is Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Rachel’s Vocals in this track are so powerful! She shouldn’t have been removed from the competition when she did! Here is the video of the song and also the link to download it off iTunes

Here is the link to download the track off iTunes


X-Factor: Jamie Rocks Out!

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X-Factor this week was very interesting! And iWas determined that John & Edward and Lloyd would be in the bottom two! I was expecting them to! However I Was mistaken! This week we had Shakira performing her single “Did It Again” and also the X-Factor Finalist performed their single “You Are Not Alone” which all money raised is going to charity.

This week the contestants performed “Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen” which iThink was a bit HIGH for all the male singers in the competition but they pulled it off well. It was very melodramatic performance.


Next was the Contestants to perform their new single “You Are Not Alone”. I personally thought it was lip-synced but that can be justified that it wasn’t because the song was performed different to how the studio version of the track is. For example on the track Rachel’s vocals are more powerful but in the performance you can hardly hear Rachel! By the way iWant Joe’s white jacket! It was good seeing Miss Frank and everybody else again. Also the staging was good as well.

Shakira was next singing her new single. I don’t like the single and her performance was okay. Thats all I have to say about Shakira :-). To be honest iHave no idea why she was on X-Factor in the first place! She’s not a great singer! She can’t teach the contestants nothing apart from Belly Dancing!

The result was announced and Jamie & Lloyd was in the bottom two! iWas highly shocked at this! I was expecting It to be Lloyd and John & Edward. Jamie is a brilliant singer, wasn’t expecting him to be in the Bottom 2 at all, but iGuess everybody needs to have their time in there. Everybody has to feel the fire at some point. Lloyd’s felt it more than Jamie though, but that’s the way this competition goes.

Jamie sang “The Show Must Go On” Which obviously was fantastic and was just brilliant! Here’s Jamie battling to keep himself in the competition:

Lloyd was next singing Last Request. Which I Like this song by the way! Rachel sang it at Boot Camp, which Rachel sang brilliantly obviously! But this song did kind of suit Lloyd. But Lloyd is not a brilliant singer. I don’t think he is that good enough to be in X-Factor by far! Here is Lloyd’s performance

The Judges came to a verdict and it went to deadlock. One thing I have to say is KARMA IS A BITCH! Because Simon wasn’t expecting it to go to Dead-lock, but it did! Now he knows how it feels when your on the verge to loosing your act Simon! Karma hit Simon Cowell in the face hard! As he sent to dead-lock a few times which got the WHOLE nation upset! Heres the result of who got sent home:

See you soon Jamie. You was a brilliant singer and God has a lot of things in store for u! Keep your head up!

Mariah Carey – Memoirs Of an Imperfect Angel

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Before iStart anything! This album by far has got to be one of the best albums of 2009! And iWas NOT expecting this album to be So Good! The first single to be released of Mariah Carey’s album was “Obsessed”. Which was a come back song at Eminem. When iFirst heard this single iDidn’t like it but it grew on me, but iThought if Mariah Carey’s album gonna be like “Obsessed” the album is going to be Sh*t and might be a big flop! iWas highly Mistaken!


Mariah Carey starts off her album with a song called “Betcha Gon’ Know” to be honest iDidn’t like this song at first! But it grew on me! The lyrics in “Betcha Gon’ Know” is very deep! Its a Revenge song, so if u wanna get Revenge on a Ex this song is the track u shall listen to. Further on listening to the album iWas thinking… This album is okay. But that was the first listen!

The second listen is when this album WOWED me! iWas forever saying “SOMEONE SLAP MARIAHMariah Carey Album Review Stars CAREY” The reasons iWas saying this because songs like “Standing O” and “Up Out My Face (Reprise)” are just AMAZING tracks! iDidn’t think Mariah Carey had it in her! At first iDidn’t like Up Out my Face the actual song, but after the second listen and taking a careful listen to the lyrics iLiked it, and once again iWas saying “SOMEONE SLAP MARIAH CAREY” This BITCH is killing me with this album!

The album slows down near the end and Mariah Carey brought tears to my eyes on the track “Angels Cry” leading into the track “I Want to Know What Love is” It did indeed touched my emotional side and made me want to cry! iHave to give it to Mariah because the last song she made me cry on was “Through The Rain” with lyrics that Angels Cry drop:

Lighting Don’t strike, The Same place. When U and I said goodbye. I Felt the Angel’s Cry! True Love’s a gift. We let it slip. In a Storm, every night I feel the Angel’s Cry!

This track just might make u cry!

By far! This album is BRILLIANT and defiantly the one for the Collection! Well Done Mariah Carey on this album! Go out and buy it guys! The album is by far the best!

Video Phone Review

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So BeyoncĂ© has done a video to ANOTHER song of her Album “I Am… Sasha Fierce” which has been Released twice! The Deluxe Edition and the Platinum Edition! Which has just recently been released. MTV said they was going to play the Video @ the EMA Awards show, but it wasn’t aired, which got those Crazy BeyoncĂ© and Lady GaGa Fans angry because they couldn’t wait to see the video! But the video was finally released and here it is:

iLoved the beginning of the Video where BeyoncĂ© was walking with the troop of men behind her. But iWas disappointed! iWas expecting to have BeyoncĂ© showing off her body and having men record her on a Video Phone or maybe even a iPhone. I was even expecting BeyoncĂ© to advertise the Blackberry or any Mobile phone that is Hot these days in this video, but she never. iGuess her and Lady GaGa wasn’t going for the Cliche video.

One thing iLike about the video is the Dance off between Lady GaGa and BeyoncĂ©. U can tell BeyoncĂ© was getting all Sasha Fierce on GaGa ass though! BeyoncĂ© was hitting them moves HARD! GaGa didn’t look like she could keep up! BeyoncĂ© was like “No way Imma let this girl come on my video and dance better than me!”

iDo think Lady GaGa should have had more than her hair blowing in the wind than just a side view of her! Another point – What is up with the guns? iDon’t like the concept of the video!

However iDo think BeyoncĂ© and GaGa are defiantly lined up for a Video Award for this video… it is an Epic video without a doubt! The video does remind me of Check on it!

X-Factor: Who Is the Queen?

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X-Factor’s theme this week was “Queen Week”. The only song iKnow from Queen is “We Will Rock U” that’s round about it! iWasn’t born when Queen was Star struck!

To start of this week’s show was the Rocker himself Jamie Archer Who sang Radio Ga Ga, which me personally was a good song choice! Because Jamie knows how to impress the crowd. But Cheryl said she doesn’t like Jamie’s afro! iDid! It needed a bit of Hairspray and some Grease! It suited him to be honest. But was Jamie’s afro enough?

Lloyd Daniels came along singing “A Little Thing Called Love”. iAm not a big fan of Lloyd! He is still in the competition for his looks! Which is just disgraceful! X-Factor has become an entertainment show these days not a Singing Competition! It’s Ridiculous! Lloyd’s vocals are not strong enough at all! Hearing his album would be like listening to my own funeral! iJust might turn deaf! Get Lloyd out! His not good vocally! On another note – Lloyd people have been searching for ur hairstyle on the Internet… iDon’t see whats special about ur hair but… others…somehow… do!

Olly broke his little finger trying to punch John & Edward! (Joking) He broke his little finger by punching a pole while playing with John & Edward. Olly came with his typical performance… Olly is always dancing and doing some sort of musical. I’m not saying he isn’t good at what his doing at this present moment but iPersonally want to see Olly sing some Ballads to be honest. iWant to see his vocals expand, Right now i’m just seeing the same thing… Olly please come with something different! Ur one of my favourites. His getting a bit to predictable.

Joe McElderry is now my new Favourite to win X-Factor! This guy is very serious! And iLove his performances. However he does seem a little Will Young or Gareth Gates, but Joe does have his own little spin on him, but he does have a Will Young and Gareth Gates image to him. Joe’s performance was good! iLike the fact that he used the choir! Forget what Louis Walsh said about the Choirs… Joe’s performance was Class… Wasn’t brilliant but it was class! Joe needs to belt out a Note and I’ll be on my way to buy his ALBUM! Joe to WIN!

John & Edward … Sang Under Pressure By Queen. Lets mention that one of the twins nearly dropped by smashing through the white paper. Then Calvin Harris decided to run on stage with a PINEAPPLE to mimic JEdward’s hair! This performance was a bit of a shambles… but when is John & Edwards performance ever together? It’s a shame they have Lovers! Also JEdward had a little spin on things and put “Ice, Ice baby” in the song! God knows how… God Knows Why! But Louis Walsh needs to get his head sorted seriously!

Stacey sang a very heart-felt/Soul-ful song! She sang “Who Wants to Live Forever” which iPersonally believe was a VERY good performance! At the start iFelt that Stacey was Boring me! She is becoming to be another Leona Lewis. Stacey just needs to sort out that little Geeky and snorty personality! Which makes me LAUGH every time iThink of her being in an Interview. If Stacey does music like how she sang on this song this week… iWould buy her records! Her voice really suits soulful songs! Well done Stacey! iWasn’t feeling u last week but this week u nearly gave me goosebumps! Well done!

Big Mouthed – Drama King! Danyl Johnson was next and last person to perform! iCan’t help but say that when Danyl sings and hits his high notes he looks like he is YAWNING! Danyl sort that out man! Your mouth opens WIDE when u hit them notes! U look like ur about to Swallow the microphone! This performance was Okay. The choir was okay the song was okay… iDon’t think it personally suited him but it was an okay performance. The last note was very on point! However Louis there is a problem with a singer being Arrogant and has a big MOUTH while singing! A Big PROBLEM!

The Bottom Two was very upsetting!

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