x-Factor Logo 2009X-Factor this week was Rock week also it was a Halloween special. Before watching the show, iWas thinking… Hmmmm this is gonna be very difficult for some contestants as not all of them have the Rock voice never mind a Pop voice! So it was very interesting to watch!

First of to perform in this weeks Rock week was Joe. He sang Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Joe’s perforjoemance was alright! He did the Rock/Pop song… Which is safe! iWasn’t actually expecting him to Green Day it out! Joe is defiantly the best contestant Cheryl has in the competition! The one thing iHave to agree with Simon is the two contemporary dancers he had at the back of him! It was Rock week! Where the hell does Contemporary dancing come in with Rock music!? iHave no idea! But it was a good performance vocally. However if he wins… i’m not sure if I will buy his album or single.

lucieNext to Perform was Lucie Jones, Lucie is very … She can sing defiantly! She is a ballad singer defiantly! but if she went down the rock road she would defiantly be another Avril Lavigne. Lucie looked like Avril Lavigne on Saturday nights show. She did look sort of Sexy sitting on the Gold Sofa and the high heel boots! iThink this was the week that Lucie has stepped up her game! Her voice defiantly suits rock! She defiantly looked and sang like a Rock star! Well done Lucie for stepping up ur game! It’s good to be a Versatile vocalist! 

Next to perform was the DRAMA KING Danyl Johnson. If u are a regular reader of my blog, u will know that I’m not a big fan of Danyl Johnson and iPersonally think he is overrated! His vocal’s in my eyes are not the best! And he isn’t the best singer in the X-Factor. This week Drama King Danyl was an emotional roller coaster bDanylecause someone on my FAVOURITE SOCIAL NETWORK SITE: TWITTER said that “He is more hated than Hitler” What do iHave to say to that comment… LAUGHING-MY-FUCKING-ASS-OFF (Excuse my french) Us tweeters are Harsh Danyl don’t take no notice! We just over react with our words! Danyl performed “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – AeroSmith” and iHave to say – for me… It was his BEST PERFORMANCE so far! I really liked his performance! But when he stopped singing he looks like he has hit DEPRESSION! Cheer up Danyl! If u can handle coming out of the closet of being Bisexual or Gay or whatever u r LOL! U can handle being hated more than Hitler… because u really ain’t! the Twins are! Every contestant in the X-Factor has Haters & Lovers! U shall overcome like Alexandra Burke sings!

lloydNext to sing was Weak singer Lloyd Daniels. Lloyd last week got told by Louis that he shouldn’t be a Solo artist he should be in a boy band and I agree with Louis. Lloyd is a weak solo singer and its a DISGRACE that he is just in the X-Factor because of his Looks! Public … Since when did Talent depend on ur looks… Well it does… But it has to have a BALANCE! Lloyd sang “I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry” it was TERRIBLE! Katy Perry isn’t a good singer but Lloyd made Katy sound like Mariah Carey for goodness sake! Lloyd… iThink ur time is up mate, Good looks don’t take u that far! I’m telling u that now! Any Ladies reading this… Can u tell me what u like about Lloyd please! iWould love to know!

staceyStacey was next, and in the past weeks all we see is Stacey stand still and just sing… Not use that Big stage she has been given! This week Stacey used the stage! and it was good. Simon said “U WALKED!” like it was a miracle like Jesus dropped down from Heaven and let her walk from being Crippled! But her performance was good. She defiantly can sing without a doubt! iDo think she will win the X-Factor she is one of the best within this competition! Stacey Sang “Somewhere Only We Know – U2”. I do agree with Louis that it was a bit boring! But her vocals was on point and that is what matters.

jamieNext to sing was Jamie Archer, This week is defiantly Jamie’s week! He is a Rock-Star all over! Jamie sang “Rocks – Primal Scream” Jamie didn’t just sing like a Rock-star he looked like a rock-star! He had dancers, the musicians with the guitars! He was defiantly rocking it this week! And so he should, Jamie has a rock voice and its all he knows! and iRespect Simon for keeping Jamie Rocky! Even though Rock is not my Genre of music. iKnow Talent when iSee it, and Jamie will be a Brilliant Rock-singer! Even if he doesn’t win X-factor he defiantly will be successful within the rock industry without a DOUBT! iDisagree with Louis that Jamie isn’t original! He is original! Hello! If Jamie came out and sang “Britney Spears I love Rock N Roll” then u can say he isn’t Original! Jamie is the only X-Factor Contestant that has stuck to his Guns! He is far by more Original than the Twins!

rachelThe next contestant to sing was my Favourite Contestant RACHEL ADEDEJI! She sang “One Love – U2 Feat. Mary J. Blige” This performance was very soulful! She hit a big note in the song, Cheryl said it was the performance that expressed the soulful side of her voice. iThink Dannii picked a good song for Rachel to sing. Because it was Rock/Soulful iThink it was a good song choice. However Simon said that Dannii is making Rachel look like a mini Dannii. I’m not to sure about that but this week Rachel looked like Alexandra with the Fringe. iDo think X-Factor have Rachel’s image messed up! A lot of people wasn’t feeling the dress Rachel had on this week, or her hair but that’s just people being Critical (Like iAm in this blog… LOL)

Next to turn up on Stage… Was Satan and his demons himself! John & Edward aka JEdward. They sang “We Will Rock U – 5ive feat. Queen!” Urgh… I’m not even saying nothing! Dannii took the words out of my mouth! It was Scary! THE E.N.D!

Last but not least was Olly Murs. He sang “Come Together – The Beatles”. Olly’s performance was magically. Not his best. But it can cut the cheese! Rock defiantly isn’t Olly’s type of music. But he pulled it off! As he always does. Olly defiantly my next favourite Contestant in X-Factor this year! If he wins iSee him singing something like Peter Andre does. Pop/R&B/Soul stuff. Here is Olly’s performance:

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