x-Factor Logo 2009As we know this week was Rock week on X-Factor. The results show was a well good Emotional Roller coaster. Confirmed guests was “Bon Jovi” and “JLS”. Bon Jovi’s performance was okay, I’m not a rock music fan but the performance was okay. Bon Jovi’s are legends they have been around for a good while, So i’ve heard. Their performance isn’t on Youtube so can’t show Bon Jovi fans their Performance 😦

The X-Factor’s finalist performed “Walk this way – Aerosmith”. This performance was VERY High School Musical-led. The costume the contestants was wearing and the routine seemed very high school musical”ed”. Not to mention JOHN & EDWARD was out of tune at the beginning of the song, but when are they ever in tune!? What iCan say is that Lloyd should probably take up a Rap Career? Maybe join Harmony Hood or feature on Miss Frank’s song or maybe join N-Dubz! because being a solo artist is not helping our Lloyd.

Next to perform was JLS, Performing their new single “Everybody In Love”. I never liked this song before because it was JLS! But iHave to say… After watching JLS perform this song on X-Factor iKind of dropped my stubbornness and just had to like this song and sing along! This song to me, is better than “Beat Again”. iWas upset when JLS brought out Beat Again, because iDidn’t think it was the kind of music they would/Should do. Now if the album is going to be more like “Everybody In Love” then iShall enjoy the album! Well Done JLS this performance was GOOD! I’m sorry to say it was kind of better than Alexandra Burke’s performance! Sorry Alexandra fans… but it kind of had to be said! HOWEVER Marvin let his nerves throw off his vocals, and Word on Twitter was “Marvin is wearing a woman’s top” … iDo wonder…

After JLS performed the bottom two was announced. As always my heart was BEATING for Rachel! And they was announced. John & Edward got through so the Bottom Two was : Rachel Adedeji & Lloyd Daniels. I was heart-broken, but this is the 3rd time Rachel being in the bottom Two. She should never be there because she is nothing Compared to John & Edward! That’s a FACT!

rachelRachel sang Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis, which was very heart-felt and soulful! It was good to see that Rachel was still smiling when she came out. That’s right Rachel keep ur head up and keep smiling!

Lloyd sang You Are So Beautiful by Billy Preston. This performance was SHIT! Sorry to say, it was nothing compared to Rachel’s, and I understand he had a sore throat, but Lloyd u sound like this every week! I really thought he was going home after this performance…

Here is who went home… Words just cannot Describe my feelings when this was announced!

iDo think what Simon did was right. It was Rachel’s 3rd time being in the bottom two… it’s quite obvious something isn’t hitting to the Public…? but was it the right decision the public made? Having John & Edward still in the competition! X-Factor is becoming a joke!

This Week Leona Lewis and Black Eyed Peas! Can’t wait for this