x-Factor Logo 2009 X-Factor’s Sunday’s show was Well interesting! We had the return of X-Factor’s Princess: Leona Lewis performing her new single “Happy”, and also we had Black Eyed Peas performing “Meet Me Halfway”. Not only was the special guest’s interesting but the Bottom Two result was interesting and who went home was VERY interesting!

The X-Factors contestants performed Katy Perry – Hot And Cold, for their group performance, and it was TERRIBLE! Jamie sounded way out of tune! and it was just a bad choice of song! Stacey is really enjoying “Sexing up her look” Isn’t she!?

So it was time for Black Eyed Peas to perform. X-Factor haven’t uploaded the video of Black Eyed Pea’s performing this week. But iWill give u the Low Down anyway. Fergie was on a MOON for half of the performance! Don’t ask me why because iDon’t know the answer. A-lot of people was worrying that Fergie might “Drop of the Moon!” That will be hilarious! Will.I.Am had to fly in from the back of the studio to the stage! and the other two just had a standard Entrance! The performance was okay, Fergie decided to express her strong vocals during the performance. The performance was okay. Nothing spectacular really happened during the performance to be honest!

Leona’s performance wasn’t SPECTACULAR either! I’m being honest! Simon cannot talk about Stacey being boring by standing there performing tracks, or he cannot talk about Stacey not being Sexy enough because… LEONA JUST STOOD THERE! And that’s what bored me about this performance. Leona needs to learn to give the camera Men something to do! iPersonally believe that Leona could have moved, her standing there was so BORING! And iReally like this track, but this performance wasn’t spectacular! Leona Lewis can u please move during ur performance’s. iWouldn’t go to non of her concerts if she’s just gonna STAND THERE! Leona u have a BIG STAGE USE IT!

john and edwardAfter these performance’s the results was announced… The bottom two was:


Everyone was happy about this! Everyone was tweeting “GOODBYE JEDWARD”. Me personally iWasn’t expecting Lucie to be in the Bottom Two. iWas expecting Lloyd to be in there, but recently this competition has become very unpredictable! So its time to Battle.

Lucie sang “One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston” this performance was Good! All of Dannii’s acts have talent and iThink they have a big possibility of winning the show! But Lucie was not in the race of winning because iThink she would turn into another Miley Cyrus, and iDon’t like Miley so iWon’t like Lucie! But this performance was good! Better than John & Edwards anyway!

Satan was up next … No words need to describe these Boys heres the performance

The Results was annouced: Simon Cowell is an ASS HOLE! He Did that on purpose! There was no need for him to send it to Dead lock! Because if Danyl, Jamie or Olly was in the Bottom Two – Dead lock will not be an OPTION! I’m tellin u! My Mum said that he sent it to Dead Lock and it back-fired my mum said he was actually trying to proove to Louis that the Public actually Hate John & Edward but it back-fired! Because – Look how long they’ve lasted in the competition! Its obvious they have more Lovers than haters! So now a good act has left the competition and the worst acts are still there! And we blame… Simon Cowell & Us British public!