JLS Album CoverSo JLS have dropped their first Debut album titled “JLS”. At first iWasn’t a big fan of JLS, their first single “Beat Again” Was too cheesy for me, and it was just shit especially the video. But they released their second Single “Everybody In Love” which was more R&B than PopJLS Album Cover, and iReally liked  “Everybody In love”. I had to listen to this album to see if the album was more like Everybody in Love or Beat Again… In my eyes its like Beat Again!

JLS are using Auto-tune in a track on their album called “Crazy For You”. I personally think there is no need for them to use Auto-Tune! Aston has a strong enough voice.

This album really doesn’t make it! However there is a song iLike off there… JUST ONE SONG! JLS Album Review StarsWhich is “Close To You” which has the Chris Brown “With You” feel to it. The rest of the album is more of Pop/Dance music. Not my type of music at all! But if ur a Pop/Dance person then u will defiantly like this album. If u think that its going to be more like “Everybody In Love” ur going to be highly disappointed! iThink its best u just buy the singles… The album is not Fantastic at all! iThink Louis is turning them into another Blue, But Blue was better than this!