X-Factor this week was very interesting! And iWas determined that John & Edward and Lloyd would be in the bottom two! I was expecting them to! However I Was mistaken! This week we had Shakira performing her single “Did It Again” and also the X-Factor Finalist performed their single “You Are Not Alone” which all money raised is going to charity.

This week the contestants performed “Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen” which iThink was a bit HIGH for all the male singers in the competition but they pulled it off well. It was very melodramatic performance.


Next was the Contestants to perform their new single “You Are Not Alone”. I personally thought it was lip-synced but that can be justified that it wasn’t because the song was performed different to how the studio version of the track is. For example on the track Rachel’s vocals are more powerful but in the performance you can hardly hear Rachel! By the way iWant Joe’s white jacket! It was good seeing Miss Frank and everybody else again. Also the staging was good as well.

Shakira was next singing her new single. I don’t like the single and her performance was okay. Thats all I have to say about Shakira :-). To be honest iHave no idea why she was on X-Factor in the first place! She’s not a great singer! She can’t teach the contestants nothing apart from Belly Dancing!

The result was announced and Jamie & Lloyd was in the bottom two! iWas highly shocked at this! I was expecting It to be Lloyd and John & Edward. Jamie is a brilliant singer, wasn’t expecting him to be in the Bottom 2 at all, but iGuess everybody needs to have their time in there. Everybody has to feel the fire at some point. Lloyd’s felt it more than Jamie though, but that’s the way this competition goes.

Jamie sang “The Show Must Go On” Which obviously was fantastic and was just brilliant! Here’s Jamie battling to keep himself in the competition:

Lloyd was next singing Last Request. Which I Like this song by the way! Rachel sang it at Boot Camp, which Rachel sang brilliantly obviously! But this song did kind of suit Lloyd. But Lloyd is not a brilliant singer. I don’t think he is that good enough to be in X-Factor by far! Here is Lloyd’s performance

The Judges came to a verdict and it went to deadlock. One thing I have to say is KARMA IS A BITCH! Because Simon wasn’t expecting it to go to Dead-lock, but it did! Now he knows how it feels when your on the verge to loosing your act Simon! Karma hit Simon Cowell in the face hard! As he sent to dead-lock a few times which got the WHOLE nation upset! Heres the result of who got sent home:

See you soon Jamie. You was a brilliant singer and God has a lot of things in store for u! Keep your head up!