X-Factor this week was very eventful! We had Susan Boyle performing her new single of her new album, and Also we had to re-appearance of Mariah Carey! Unfortunately we don’t have the video of Mariah’s performance because X-Factor hasn’t uploaded it on YouTube but Mariah’s performance was SPECTACULAR! But here is Susan Boyle’s. Her track is called “Wild Horses”

The remaining contestants sang “Wake Me before You Go” which made all the male contestants look very… Homosexual (iTried to make it sound professional as possible!) The skinny jeans was just a NO! The X-factor Stylist needs to go back to Fashion school. If all the contestants could dance iThink this performance would be a great High school Musical moment!


Moving swiftly on to the Bottom two announcement, and iWas HAPPY! It was Olly & John and Edward! Can Someone shout Hallelujah!? John & Edward was in the bottom two, and iKnew they was going home, because Simon’s act was in the bottom two and once Simon’s act is against John & Edward they are bound to go home! I did say Olly would be a bit vulnerable this week. His performance was slacking something! But let the battle begin!

So Satan and his demon performed first: They performed BoyZone – No matter What. And they was DREADFUL! and iWas waiting for John & Edward to sing a Ballad for the public to see how dreadful they r! And they did! and it just proved to the whole nation that they are absolutely SH*T! They are Tone Deaf! and they just need to go home!

Olly was next and he performed “Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton” This performance by far was better than John & Edward’s Vocally! If Olly went home after this performance it would be an uproar! Because he was better than John & Edward by far!

The result judges had come to a decision and here it is: 

Well done Olly for defeating Satan and his Demons! It was about time John & Edward was sent home! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE X-FACTOR COMPETITION CAN NOW BEGIN!