Mary J. Blige – Stronger With Each Tear [Album Review]

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Mary J. Blige hits us with her New Album “Stronger with Each tear”. The last iHeard from Mary J. Was her last album “Growing Pains” which took me a while to like. I didn’t like Growing Pains at first, but iGave it a second listen and realised that Mary J. Blige is an Serious artist. Forgive me Mary J. Blige fans.

Mary J. hits us with her 9th Studio album! Wow she’s come a-long way. I was thinking… is it time for her to give it a break??

At first Mary J. Blige opened up her album with a track called “Tonight” which is a bit weak, which Bored me, which made me think – Maybe Mary J Blige should give it a rest. Which was wrong of me because I’ve heard her singles “The One (feat. Drake)” and “I Am” and iLike the both of those tracks. So iShould have had faith.

Cutting long story short. This album is good! iLike tracks like “Good Love (feat. T.I.) Now iMust say Mary J loves her some T.I. she’s been on alot of his tracks and his been on this one as well… Ummm hmmmm! and Songs like “Said and Done”. I really love how Trey Songz tears up “Hood Love” that is a GOOD Track! But a Track that really WOWED me was “Kitchen” Mary is preaching in this track!

Don’t Let another Girl Cook in your Kitchen!

Mary Is preaching! This album is a must! Mary has still got it and iRespect her for still having it. Because we all still Question Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey – If they still got it? But Mary seems like she hasn’t lost it! Standing Ovation for Mary! Brilliant Album!


X-Factor Winner Doesn’t make Christmas Number One

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So the X-Factor Winner: Joe McElderry. Hasn’t made Christmas Number one! Every X-Factor winner has had a Christmas Number one. Joe is the first X-Factor winner not to have a Christmas Number one. It could affect Joe’s Career or it couldn’t. It’s a big deal because every other Winner has made Christmas Number one whether we think they ain’t going to make it that far or not. Joe not making it to Christmas Number is a HUGE deal right now.

People are saying that the reason he didn’t get Christmas Number One is because The Nation was fed up of the X-Factor winner being Christmas One. People wanted a change! So people rebelled against the X-Factor and Decided to have “Race Against The Machines” to have Christmas Number one instead. While Joe lags behind at Number 2.

Me personally… iHaven’t even heard this “Race Against The Machine” band, never mind their song. HOWEVER! It is kind of repetitive of an X-Factor winner being Christmas number one. It’s not Joe’s fault – we are not saying his not talented. We are saying We want a Change… Simon might have to make some Changes for 2010.

Chris Brown Graffiti Album Review

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Chris Brown hits us back with his 4th Studio album Called “Graffiti”. Its been about a Year since Chris Brown has released a Studio album. His last album “Exclusive” was HOT! But the question is … Will “Graffiti” be as good as “Exclusive”? Ever since his incident with Rihanna… has he lost his touch? Or does Chris Brown still got it?

The First single to be Released from Chris Brown’s album was “I Can Transform Ya”. Good Single! The next single was “Crawl”. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN iLOVE CRAWL! I’m not going to lie… iDidn’t like Crawl before, iThought the lyrics was good but it didn’t really touch me until now. iFeel Chris Brown on this track and iLike his new sound not only his new sound but his vocal’s have improved a lot!

His album is GOOD! There is a track on the album called “Falling Down” iLike this track because iHave never heard Chris Brown sing songs like this before!

“Sometimes I don’t wanna wake up alone, but Sometimes iWanna wake up and be on my own”.

iLove the lyrical context Chris iReally do! Another track iThink iNeed warming to is “Famous Girl”. In “Famous Girl” iThink Chris is talking about Rihanna? Am I the only one? But I don’t know… iLike the lyrics… Just not feeling the Beat.

If u was wondering there is another “Take You Down” it’s called “Take My Time”. iDon’t think it compares to Take You Down… But its OKAY iGuess lol. One Think iDon’t like about Chris Brown’s new sound is the Dance/Techno Vibe his doing. He got it from Forever and iThink he should have left it with Forever… but this is just me personally… iDon’t think Techo and R&B should be mixed. But apart from that Chris Brown’s Album is Class! If u haven’t forgiven him for what his done… iThink You should 🙂

My Favourite Tracks:

  • I Can Transform Ya (Feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz)
  • Sing Like Me
  • Crawl
  • So Cold
  • What I Do (feat. Piles)
  • Lucky Me
  • Falling Down
  • I’ll Go
  • Girlfriend (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
  • I Love You

The Winner of X-Factor Official Video

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Joe McElderry was the winner of this year’s X-Factor. iWanted Joe to win, so iAm pleased with the result. However iDon’t think Joe’s gonna do as well as Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis, and if he does, his done himself proud and me proud. This song is really good especially since it’s from Miley Cyrus and iDon’t like NON of Miley Cyrus songs, but Joe sang this quite well! Not really a Christmas number 1 in my eyes… But lets see how it does.

Happy Birthday To Malachi

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What a Year its been. iHave learnt so much about myself and life! I’m very satisfied of where God has placed me right now. Life ain’t easy, and it surly ain’t perfect. But we have those moments in life where things seem easy and perfect. Nothing last forever.

I got a key as a present for my birthday… iSee this key as a key to Adulthood, and iMust use this key to open a lot of doors. And iMust use this key wisely and open the right doors. iMight open some doors that don’t need to be opened however those doors can get locked again! Its time to move forward and Grab my dreams by the throat and run with them!

God has removed certain people from my life and has kept people in my life for a reason! And iAm thankful for that! Because iFly above all the drama Yes iFly Above all that drama Is Beneath me! And if u wanna hate me because I’m fly then I’m still gonna aim for the sky and make u hate me even more!

Happy 18th Birthday to me! 🙂

Alexandra Burke – Broken Heels [Official Video]

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Alexandra Burke has released her Second Single of her Debut album “Overcome” which is called “Broken Heels” This to me is one of the best songs of this album. I’m glad she’s released it as a single. I like the video concept and Alexandra looks GREAT! I didn’t know Alexandra had an Apple Bottom LOL! She looks really good iAm proud of her. Here is the video to “Broken Heels” Produced by Red-One. iThink this is defiantly gonna be another big hit for Alexandra.

X-Factor: Big Mouth – Time For U To Be Quiet

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This week we had Janet Jackson and Lady GaGa as our special guests. We do not have the video’s because X-Factor haven’t uploaded them. Which is a bad idea because they was GOOD performances.

The group performance was REAL good! However iDisagree with them mixing Michael’s CLASSIC song into Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” Rihanna’s song is not a Classic yet! Don’t disrespect Michael! lol Here’s the performance of the Contestants singing Wanna Be Starting Something/Don’t Stop The music : It was really good:

Lady GaGa’s performance was based around a bath tub? Don’t ask me why… Don’t ask me how – But it was! iWish U could see it! But the performance was good. Without a doubt u cannot deny that Lady GaGa will always deliver where-ever she’s told to perform! Good on this lady right here. The highlight for me was @ the end of the Performance when Dermott was talking to her and she remained in the bath tub talking to him and her dancers was froze! It was funny moment but such a Classic!

Janet Jackson Returned to us performing a Medley. It featured “All For You” and her new song. iWas glad to see Janet, she looked good for her age and she really did perform, however iDo think she wasn’t hitting them moves as hard as she was hitting them at the VMA Awards, but it was a satisfying performance from the princess! iDo want her Greatest hits album! iSeriously do!

Well Ladies and Gentle here is the Results of who went home:

I’m glad Danyl went home! As iDid not like him from day one! It was about time he went home! Here is Danyl singing his goodbye song. P.S. Danyl Tone down on the mouth opening so wide please. Make that Change 🙂

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