Mariah Carey’s has released a video to H.A.T.E.U. Mariah Carey has had a Standing Ovation from her recent album from me. It was a big hit and deserved to have sold more than what it did. To be honest I’ve never always liked H.A.T.E.U when iFirst heard it iDidn’t like it that much. But iListened to the lyrics and iBegan to like it. However This video is not what iExpected… iWas expecting more of a Dark… less revealing, More home based… More emotional… Mariah Carey flaunts too much! Her body is great… but there is a time Mariah that u have to connect with the song and the audience… The beach effect is not doing this song any favors! Mariah… Ur just not fitting in this at all… Ur not hitting the nail… Don’t make us have to say its retirement time!