X-Factor this week was the first week that the contestants perform twice in the live shows. I wanna see how the contestants are going to handle to this, and what they produce… Lets see…


Danyl Johnson was first to perform aka Drama King! His first performance was Relight my fire. I didn’t like this performance at all! Danyl looked really Gay. As Cheryl said he looked Camp! When iSaw this performance from Danyl first thing iThought was “he should be recruited into JLS” His dancing was the most cheesiest thing ever! iDidn’t like this performance at all!  However his second song was real good! He sang “Your Song – Elton John” And it was magical. The best performance Danyl has ever done in my eyes! The little choir was cute but at first iWasn’t to keen on the choir! But this performance was really good!

Next was Lloyd. The weakest singer in the competition. He cannot sing at all and it’s a DISGRACE! His still in the competition because of his looks! This song was terrible for him! Actually every song for him is terrible! His not a performer his not a Singing artist. He is just a model and that’s round about it! This is Lloyds first song called “A Million Love Songs”

His next song was OKAY! Lloyd is a ballroom singer! His a mellow singer… A guitar singer? Something like that… He cannot hit high notes at all! God knows how he manged to get THIS Far in the competition because when it hit the chorus he goes WAY off tune! U know what else is hilarious about Lloyd’s performance? His back dancers had BEER BELLY’S! Just look @ them! They ain’t fit at all! 


Now Olly Murs sang “Love Ain’t Here Anymore” Now… i’ve been waiting for Olly to sing a mellow song… Now iWished iNever asked now… He can kinda do it… But it doesn’t suit him… and something about his vocals just don’t suit him… or maybe its the song… The performance was pulled off though… I don’t know… something about it just wasn’t right. Olly’s second performance was better, Olly is a dancer… but he does need a variety, because he can’t do an album of full dance music? Or can he? hmmmmm

Here is the winner of X-Factor aka Joe McElderly. iLiked Joe’s performance it was up-tempo. Joe also has Swagger (Yes iSaid he has Swagger) Do u see his jacket!? His vocals was on point! He was brilliant! Joe to win X-Factor!

His next song sent chills up peoples spin, It was still but very touching! I Like Joe’s voice! iDo think he is a winner of this competition! He is brilliant! He sang “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” and here it is:

Stacey was last  to perform, Stacey can belt out notes without a doubt! She could be a winner of X-Factor but iDon’t think we want another female winner. Actually iDon’t think that X-Factor wants another female winner. Stacey is a good singer however iDo wish she could dance or move… because she is becoming another Leona Lewis and i’m not looking for another Leona Lewis we got one we don’t need another. But Stacey has talent but it’s plainly obvious that X-Factor doesn’t want another Female winner. Here is Stacey performing a Classic version of “Rule The World”

The next performance from Stacey was her singing another Ballad. She is a good singer but… There is something there that doesn’t give her the winner position. She sang “The Way You Look Tonight”. iDo love the say she is so nervous when it comes to the Judges comments. Simon said she isn’t a singer like Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke. iDo Think she is another Leona Lewis though…