This week we had Janet Jackson and Lady GaGa as our special guests. We do not have the video’s because X-Factor haven’t uploaded them. Which is a bad idea because they was GOOD performances.

The group performance was REAL good! However iDisagree with them mixing Michael’s CLASSIC song into Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” Rihanna’s song is not a Classic yet! Don’t disrespect Michael! lol Here’s the performance of the Contestants singing Wanna Be Starting Something/Don’t Stop The music : It was really good:

Lady GaGa’s performance was based around a bath tub? Don’t ask me why… Don’t ask me how – But it was! iWish U could see it! But the performance was good. Without a doubt u cannot deny that Lady GaGa will always deliver where-ever she’s told to perform! Good on this lady right here. The highlight for me was @ the end of the Performance when Dermott was talking to her and she remained in the bath tub talking to him and her dancers was froze! It was funny moment but such a Classic!

Janet Jackson Returned to us performing a Medley. It featured “All For You” and her new song. iWas glad to see Janet, she looked good for her age and she really did perform, however iDo think she wasn’t hitting them moves as hard as she was hitting them at the VMA Awards, but it was a satisfying performance from the princess! iDo want her Greatest hits album! iSeriously do!

Well Ladies and Gentle here is the Results of who went home:

I’m glad Danyl went home! As iDid not like him from day one! It was about time he went home! Here is Danyl singing his goodbye song. P.S. Danyl Tone down on the mouth opening so wide please. Make that Change 🙂