The Competition is drawing to a Close and we are now within the Semi-Final and its Michael Jackson Week! iCan’t wait to see who sings what song!. Who ever goes home will be very emotional but it is what it is.  As the same from last week. The Contestants will be doing Two Songs.

Olly was the first to perform this week. As we usually expect from our Olly. He had an Up-Tempo song. But iFelt that his performance was missing something and he would be a risk this week to go home! But his first song was O-Kay iWas feeling it a bit lol 🙂

iDo think it was his second song that made me feel that he would be a risk of going home this week. His dance moves made him look like he was having a fit, but iDo agree with Louis! This song wouldn’t make him get into the final! This song was a BIG FAIL!

The wonderful Joe was up next he was GOOD! He sang “She’s Out Of My Life” there hasn’t been another male Singer like Joe. He connected with the song, he felt the emotion! And He was just great! Well done to Joe! His the winner in my eyes I’m telling you! iDo Agree with Louis as well! There is a big gap in the Music Industry that needs a Male singer like Joe!

NOW JOE’S SECOND SONG BLEW ME AWAY! His AMAZING! He sang Mariah Carey Open Arms. This is a Personal favorite of mine! And JOE SANG IT WELL! He gave me goosebumps! I Was like this boy needs to win! TEAM JOE ALL THE WAY! Joe to WIN!

Stacey was next to perform “The Way You Make Me Feel”. It was good to see Stacey moving. But you could tell that she was uncomfortable, but she looks good. If she learnt some rhythm she would be good to go! But you could tell she was very uncomfortable/Nervous especially when she was walking along the chairs. But it was an OKAY performance. Her vocals was a bit shaky but it was Okay! And iDo agree with Simon… It’s not her at all.

Stacey did come HARD on her next song! She Belted out a BIG NOTE! Nearly sent shivers down my spine! She is a good singer its such a shame that X-Factor is not looking for a female winner…


Now – It would have to be Danyl that had to sing my FAVOURITE MICHAEL JACKSON SONG!? He sang Man In The Mirror! And iWasn’t to happy he sang it to be honest! Not to mention he got the lyrics wrong! But apart from me being bitchy about his performance it was OKAY. Including with the choir, Next time he decides to sing my favourite Michael Jackson tell him to sing the lyrics right! iWas not happy about that… But the performance was OKAY!

His second performance he sang “I Have Nothing” which is one of my Favourite Whitney Houston songs. iWas expecting Danyl to open his mouth a little bit wider during this performance! But he never! such a shame! and iPersonally believe that this performance was WEAK! He could have done so much better with a Whitney Houston classic! What is wrong with him! He took “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” and now “I Have Nothing” Danyl… come on big mouth… Sort it out!