This week was the week that Rihanna and Alicia Keys were the special Guest. What a Show it was!

Firstly the group song was WAY too high for the Men in the competition! The verses was way to high! But Danyl seemed to be enjoying himself. iLoved the way how Stacey was just center of Attention. Especially her being the last female in the competition. They sang Scissor Sisters “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” Here is the performance

Next to perform was the beautiful – Wonderful – Alicia Keys. I’m glad X-Factor have uploaded this video because they usually don’t upload them. I made a big mistake posting a Tweet on Twitter. iSaid “If Alicia Keys performs Empire State Of Mind iWill run out my house Naked” And she DID! That was a BIG MISTAKE! Obviously iDid not run out the house Naked as she did not perform the whole song… it was a Medley. Alicia Keys broke it down! iWas so Proud of her! She really shocked me. Her new album “The Element Of Freedom” is in stores December 14th. Go Get it.


Rihanna performed her new song “Russian Roulette” as her new album “Rated R” was released the same week. To be honest iThought Rihanna’s performance was weak… iWas expecting her to do a Lady GaGa and stage her actually getting shot. But iThink because of the Wide age range that watch X-Factor iDon’t think that would have been wise… iStill wanted to see it though. By the way Rihanna’s album was classed as a Flop in the UK as it never hit the Top 5 or the Top 10 within the first week. OUCH!

And Ladies and Gentlemen… here is the Results of who goes Lloyd had to go! His to weak for this Competition! THE COMPETITION GETS TUFFER NOW! Here is Lloyd’s good-bye song