What a Year its been. iHave learnt so much about myself and life! I’m very satisfied of where God has placed me right now. Life ain’t easy, and it surly ain’t perfect. But we have those moments in life where things seem easy and perfect. Nothing last forever.

I got a key as a present for my birthday… iSee this key as a key to Adulthood, and iMust use this key to open a lot of doors. And iMust use this key wisely and open the right doors. iMight open some doors that don’t need to be opened however those doors can get locked again! Its time to move forward and Grab my dreams by the throat and run with them!

God has removed certain people from my life and has kept people in my life for a reason! And iAm thankful for that! Because iFly above all the drama Yes iFly Above all that drama Is Beneath me! And if u wanna hate me because I’m fly then I’m still gonna aim for the sky and make u hate me even more!

Happy 18th Birthday to me! 🙂