Chris Brown hits us back with his 4th Studio album Called “Graffiti”. Its been about a Year since Chris Brown has released a Studio album. His last album “Exclusive” was HOT! But the question is … Will “Graffiti” be as good as “Exclusive”? Ever since his incident with Rihanna… has he lost his touch? Or does Chris Brown still got it?

The First single to be Released from Chris Brown’s album was “I Can Transform Ya”. Good Single! The next single was “Crawl”. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN iLOVE CRAWL! I’m not going to lie… iDidn’t like Crawl before, iThought the lyrics was good but it didn’t really touch me until now. iFeel Chris Brown on this track and iLike his new sound not only his new sound but his vocal’s have improved a lot!

His album is GOOD! There is a track on the album called “Falling Down” iLike this track because iHave never heard Chris Brown sing songs like this before!

“Sometimes I don’t wanna wake up alone, but Sometimes iWanna wake up and be on my own”.

iLove the lyrical context Chris iReally do! Another track iThink iNeed warming to is “Famous Girl”. In “Famous Girl” iThink Chris is talking about Rihanna? Am I the only one? But I don’t know… iLike the lyrics… Just not feeling the Beat.

If u was wondering there is another “Take You Down” it’s called “Take My Time”. iDon’t think it compares to Take You Down… But its OKAY iGuess lol. One Think iDon’t like about Chris Brown’s new sound is the Dance/Techno Vibe his doing. He got it from Forever and iThink he should have left it with Forever… but this is just me personally… iDon’t think Techo and R&B should be mixed. But apart from that Chris Brown’s Album is Class! If u haven’t forgiven him for what his done… iThink You should 🙂

My Favourite Tracks:

  • I Can Transform Ya (Feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz)
  • Sing Like Me
  • Crawl
  • So Cold
  • What I Do (feat. Piles)
  • Lucky Me
  • Falling Down
  • I’ll Go
  • Girlfriend (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
  • I Love You