So the X-Factor Winner: Joe McElderry. Hasn’t made Christmas Number one! Every X-Factor winner has had a Christmas Number one. Joe is the first X-Factor winner not to have a Christmas Number one. It could affect Joe’s Career or it couldn’t. It’s a big deal because every other Winner has made Christmas Number one whether we think they ain’t going to make it that far or not. Joe not making it to Christmas Number is a HUGE deal right now.

People are saying that the reason he didn’t get Christmas Number One is because The Nation was fed up of the X-Factor winner being Christmas One. People wanted a change! So people rebelled against the X-Factor and Decided to have “Race Against The Machines” to have Christmas Number one instead. While Joe lags behind at Number 2.

Me personally… iHaven’t even heard this “Race Against The Machine” band, never mind their song. HOWEVER! It is kind of repetitive of an X-Factor winner being Christmas number one. It’s not Joe’s fault – we are not saying his not talented. We are saying We want a Change… Simon might have to make some Changes for 2010.