Mary J. Blige hits us with her New Album “Stronger with Each tear”. The last iHeard from Mary J. Was her last album “Growing Pains” which took me a while to like. I didn’t like Growing Pains at first, but iGave it a second listen and realised that Mary J. Blige is an Serious artist. Forgive me Mary J. Blige fans.

Mary J. hits us with her 9th Studio album! Wow she’s come a-long way. I was thinking… is it time for her to give it a break??

At first Mary J. Blige opened up her album with a track called “Tonight” which is a bit weak, which Bored me, which made me think – Maybe Mary J Blige should give it a rest. Which was wrong of me because I’ve heard her singles “The One (feat. Drake)” and “I Am” and iLike the both of those tracks. So iShould have had faith.

Cutting long story short. This album is good! iLike tracks like “Good Love (feat. T.I.) Now iMust say Mary J loves her some T.I. she’s been on alot of his tracks and his been on this one as well… Ummm hmmmm! and Songs like “Said and Done”. I really love how Trey Songz tears up “Hood Love” that is a GOOD Track! But a Track that really WOWED me was “Kitchen” Mary is preaching in this track!

Don’t Let another Girl Cook in your Kitchen!

Mary Is preaching! This album is a must! Mary has still got it and iRespect her for still having it. Because we all still Question Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey – If they still got it? But Mary seems like she hasn’t lost it! Standing Ovation for Mary! Brilliant Album!