Malachi Features In A Music Video!


Check out Malachi in a Music Video Called “No More Excuses” What iNeed you do is… COMMENT ON THE VIDEO! πŸ™‚ Love U All x


Oz’iah’s new Single

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Oz’iah is an upcoming artist. This is his second single. Got a little funky house vibe to it. Check it out. Help a Nigga out! Tell him what you think. Me personally, I think it is way better than his other songs, This is definatly a downloading song πŸ™‚ Check out his other songs on his MySpace Follow him on Twitter and check out this videos on his YouTube Channel

Leona Lewis I Got You [Official Video]

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Leona Lewis has dropped her second single off her album “Echo” and its called “I Got You”. “I Got You” is one of my favourite tracks off Leona’s new album, the reason why is because its something that I didn’t think Leona will do. Its very up-tempo… Such a shame Leona can’t dance because I can see a little dance routine going along to this track. Besides that the video does explain the concept of the song. Leona looks really pretty in it to. BLESS HER! She’s growing up in the fame! Here is Leona Lewis – I Got You video.Β 

It has Been a LONG TIME!

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Wow iAin’t Blogged in a long… My last blog was December 27th 2009! iDidn’t even wish you all Happy New Year! Sorry about this! But Happy New Year from Malachi! This has been posted on Valentines Day, so Happy Valentines Day to all the Lovers and Single Lovers!

I’m just posting this to say I’m coming back lol! I’ve been busy with Exams, but when I get free time on my hands I will be blogging more often!

Thank you for checking out the site even when I haven’t blogged! I appreciate that! Remember to follow me on Twitter! The URL is in the picture πŸ™‚