Memoirs Of An Imperfect Student

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Memoirs Of an Imperfect Student, is a film project that Me (Malachi) and my friend (Adrian Hylton) done for Film Coursework.

The regulations of the film was to have 2 Mintues of video footage, but we wasn’t allowed to have No Guns, No Knifes and No Sex. So this is why the film is so limited. The project is based on Rihanna – Russian Roulette. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂


Not Happy With Mary J. Blige

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So can you guys guess what I’m not happy about?

If you all can remember, I posted an album review on Mary J. Blige’s new album called “Stronger With Each Tear”. Which was an Album that iEnjoyed. But recently I’ve discovered that Mary J. is releasing an “EU Version” of “Stronger With Each Tear”… So can you guys guess what I’m not happy about?

Its bad enough that the UK gets certain Albums/Singles/Films/Artist(s) Late! iMean Trey Songz hasn’t become Mainstream in the UK neither Has my Favourite Artist Keyshia Cole! But when American artist are Mainstream its refreshing, But when American artist change there Album Cover/Track-Listings for the UK it Annoys Me!

Mary J. Blge is releasing “Stronger With Each Tear” The EU Version, and has SACKED most of the tracks that iLike off the album! Not to mention Mary J. has changed the album cover because the American album cover made her look “Too Old”… What Kind of FOOLISHNESS!? In my eyes she looks the same in the Old album cover and in the new Album cover!

On the American version of the Album these where the track listings:

01. Tonight
02. The One (ft Drake)
03. Said And Done
04. Good Love (ft T.I.)
05. I Feel Good
06. I Am
07. Each Tear
08. I Love U
09. Hood Love (ft Trey Songz)
10. Kitchen
11. In The Morning
12. I Can See In Color


My favourite tracks from this album was:

  • The One (feat. Drake)
  • Said And Done
  • Good Love (feat. T.I.)
  • I Am
  • Hood Love (feat. Trey Songz)
  • Kitchen

Now… the EU Track-listings are:

01. Whole Lotta Love
02. Tonight
03. The One (ft Drake)
04. I Can’t Wait (ft Will.I.Am)
05. Good Love (ft T.I.)
06. I Feel Good
07. I Am
08. Each Tear (ft Jay Sean)
09. I Love U (Yes I Du)
10. City on Fire
11. Stronger (From the Motion Picture More Than a Game)
12. In the Morning
13. Color (From the Motion Picture Precious)
14. Stairway to Heaven (ft Travis Barker, Randy Jackson, Steve Vai & Orianthi)
15. I Am (Dave Aude Remix) (Bonus)

First of All… The track-listing is longer for the EU edition… BUT The New tracks are CRAP!… Plus Why didn’t Mary J. put “Stronger” on the American version of the album? There’s a lot of slackness going on here Mary!

Here is the tracks that I Like from the EU Edition of the album:

  • The One (feat. Drake)
  • Good Love (feat. T.I.)
  • I Am
  • Each Tear (Feat. Jay Sean) [Even though iDislike Jay Sean]
  • Stronger
  • City On Fire

But what has happened to “Kitchen” and “Hood Love (feat. Trey Songz)!? Hood Love especially is Single Material and would have definatly gave Trey that pedal stool for Breaking the UK. Mary J. adding all these “Trance/Dance” Remixes is not helping a GOOD R&B FAN! She shouldn’t have added/removed tracks with this album! If anything she could have added them as Bonus tracks… or simply did a Beyonce and came out with a Deluxe Edition/Platinum Edition. I’m very disappointed in Mary J. now that she  has changed the album! What if it doesn’t sell well now!? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE DOWNLOAD ILLEGALLY!!

Keep watching my Twitter to find out what other Artist iAin’t happy with… Another Artist has done the same thing

Usher – Raymond V Raymond [Review]

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So Usher hits us back with a New album called “Raymond V Raymond”.

“The album drops 26th April 2010″

To Be honest iWasn’t to keen on it when iFirst heard about it. Why? Because of the song with Gucci Mayne. iThought – if Usher is gonna go down that road the Album ain’t gonna sell. But then iHeard “Hey Daddy” And everything was GOOD again!

“Here I Stand was a Bit weak”

I have to be honest… When iSaw the video to “Hey Daddy” iChanged the channel because I couldn’t get my head around the video and I wasn’t in the mood to try and work it out, But now iUnderstand it so everything is Good in the HOOD!

So back to the Album… In my head all I was thinking was “Usher has to come Harder than Here I Stand” because Here I Stand was a Bit weak, and to be honest I didn’t really Like “Love In This Club”, “Love in This Club (Part II)” was way better. But Here I Stand did have some Classics we cannot deny that. This album is definatly putting Usher back on the map, especially with the break up with his ex-wife (Poor Guy). Gotta admit the best song on the album is “Foolin’ Around” Its another Confession’s/Burn/U Got It Bad. U Need to hear it people!

Overall the album is worth Buying! Its good for the collection. The songs that have made my iPod is:

  • Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)
  • Lil’ Freak (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  • She Don’t Know (feat. Ludacris)
  • OMG (feat. Will.i.Am)
  • Mars VS Venus
  • Foolin’ Around
  • Papers
  • Making Love (Into the Night)

The album drops 26th April 2010. Go Get it!