Alexandra Burke Album Review V.2

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Okay… So its been nearly a Year since Alexandra Burke’s debut album was released – and the review I gave her when it was first released wasn’t too good. However times have changed!

When I first heard Alex’s album I wasn’t sure what to expect. I heard the leaked version of “Overcome” the song itself, and thought “YES ITS GONNA SOULFUL!” But then I listened to it and was dissapointed. Hears a few quotes from the first Album Review.

“I expected more from Ne-Yo and Alexandra VOCALLY!”

“If ur gonna call ur album OVERCOME. Please do tracks that show what U have Overcome.”

“Talking about the album title. The image of the album cover does not EXPRESS that Alex has Overcome anything!”

“Over all iAm very disappointed within this album as it wasn’t what I expected!”

“…Alex sounds like she should be in the girl group Sugababes!”

As you can see I was very harsh to Alex on her album review, and I must laugh because I’m quite Horrible LOL! Despite me thinking that the album wasn’t what I was expecting I still loved Alexandra Burke.

So the reason why i’m doing this new album review… I was talking to someone about this album, and They said They thought it was good. And I didn’t understand why! So me with my debatable self decided to have an debabte about it. And they said you musn’t listen to the beats and so forth, Listen to the lyrics. They was quite upset with me that I didn’t listen to the lyrical content of the album as I am a very lyrical person. So I decided to give it a second listen, And now I like the album! Fair enough Alex’s didn’t come as R&B and Soulful as I expected but I think this would come as she grows further more into her career. When I first listened to the albums these are the songs that I liked…

  • Bad Boys (feat. Flo-Rida)
  • The Silence
  • Broken Heals
  • Overcome

Just so funny that “Broken Heals” was a single and “The Silence” was going to be a single but they decided to go for “All Night Long”.

After Re-listening to the album, and carefully listening to the Lyrically content these are the tracks that I like now.

  • Bad Boys (feat. Flo-Rida)
  • The Silence
  • All Night Long
  • Bury Me (6 Feet Under)
  • Broken Heals
  • Dumb
  • Overcome
  • Gotta Go
  • Nothing But The Girl
  • They Don’t Know
  • It’s Over

LOOK AT THE HUGE DIFFERENCE! That’s nearly the whole album! I didn’t like “All Night Long” until the remix came out with Pitbull, but the original isn’t too bad. You can tell the difference from the version with Pitbull. I must appologize for being so harsh! The album just grew on me!

P.S I re-listend to the album AGES AGO! Probably in Feburary 2010 I just haven’t had time to re-write the review! LOL!


Christina Aguilera Needs to Get Stripped…

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Christina Aguilera has dropped a new album Called “Bionic”. After taking a break from the industry to have her baby son, She’s returned with a new album and you could say a New Sound… However does it suit Christina?

Christina has dropped the first official single from the album “Not Myself Tonight” which is a good song in my eyes. It didn’t sell so well in America, but I like it. The critisium that Christina got from the Single’s video was quite interesting… Apparently it was very “Lady GaGa”. I haven’t got time to address that because I need to talk about this “Bionic” album.

My expectations for Bionic was a bit all over the place… I was expecting Christina to take it back to the “Stripped” Days, because in my eyes “Not Myself Tonight” is refurbished version of “Dirrty”. If you look at the video’s they kinda are similar. Plus with Christina having her child I was thinking that she would be more inspirational than sexual. Can I also mention that I didn’t like “Back To Basics”. Right So Bionic…

Bionic… Bionic… Bionic… It’s very POP, Its Christina I can say that. But its not what I was expecting, Me personally I was expecting for Christina to talk more about her Pregnancy, Her marriage, Her expeirence! I Don’t know if I’m right in saying this because I do remember her saying in an interview that she is feeling more sexier now that she has given birth. But I don’t know… I was just expecting less Sex… More Inspiration. Christina comes across to me as a Feminist. “Can’t Hold Us Down” very Feminist, and this track on her album called “I hate Boys” Feminist! I’m not saying its a bad thing… But she is a Feminist!

I’m really struggling in giving an Review on this album… Its Up-tempo which is what I like… But I wanted some inspiration and some thoughtful songs, Some soul! I Wanted Christina to refurbish Stripped! But I can understand that she is not in that place that she was when she released “Stripped”. But if we look at Stripped at how Christina addressed her father abusing her mother in the song “I’m Okay” there was that connection to the fans, I’m loosing the Connection! We need to set up Wi-Fi because I need to connect with her LOL!

The Songs I Like of the album are:

  • Bionic
  • Not Myself Tonight
  • WooHoo (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
  • Prima Dona
  • Morning Breakfast (Intro) <- JUST THE INTRO!
  • Lift Me Up <- But I ain’t to keen I think it needs to grow on me
  • I Hate Boys
  • My Girls <- I ain’t to keen on this one either
  • Vanity <- Not keen on this either!

I Just don’t know… to be honest I kinda got lost after WooHoo… I think I shall come back to u all in a couple of months when I’ve listened to the album more. Plus she is releasing a Deluxe Edition of the Album which has more tracks… I might like them more… U never know… But Right Now – Christina Aguilera needs to get Stripped.