Hello Blogworld. Been a while since I haven’t posted something, so I thought I’ll come by today and give you all a little something.

I’m feeling very inspired recently, and I wanna share it. Usually I talk about things in the Media but today I wanna take a break from that. Time to get Personal!

Where Do I start? Okay recently I’ve bene thinking… I’m a shy person believe it or not, and before I do anything I always seem to put what other people would think first. Its a big insercurity of mine. “What people think”. Its got to stop! Because I’ve relised people gonna talk about you whether your doing something or not! Really can’t let what people think determine your furture. In other words “I Can’t let what people think determine MY Future”.

Recently I’ve been singing/listening Fantasia I’m Doin’ Me. Giving me a lot of strength! Its definatly food for the soul. If I’m gonna do me I might as well do ALL of me and not worry about what people have to say right? If I always worry about what people say I won’t get No-Where.

I just thought I’ll share that with u all. I’m doing Me and I’m LEARNING to not worry what people have to say about it. However there is a BIG difference from the TRUTH and being Disrespectufl/RUDE! Anyway readers… Do you and don’t let what people think knock you down.

More Blog post’s to come hopefully 🙂 Peace out