Okay, one of the most anticipated albums this year “Pink Friday” was released 22nd November! Here is my review:

I am not a fan of Female Rappers apart from my Homegirl Missy Elliott! So I didn’t know about Nicki Minaj until people started talking about her on Twitter, even then I didn’t know what she was about! I realised everyone was calling themselves Barbie’s and Ken’s and I was really a bit baffled but didn’t do research. The first song that made me realise who/what Nicki Minaj is about was “Bedrock” when she dropped the line “Let me put this pussy on ya sideburns” as dirty as it may sound it was said more classier than Keri Hilson’s “Fuck me, Fuck me – It’s the way you fuck me!” ANYWAY! After that I only heard her drop some serious bar’s on peoples song I realised okay this chick is a bit serious, however I still was in the Dark about her. I didn’t download her mixtapes or anything. I didn’t realise what I was missing! Futher more, her mainstreams tracks leaked such as “Massive Attack” and her Bars on “Hello, Good Morning”. Also her verse on Ludacris’s “My Chick Bad”. I started to build a passion for her. Then I finally downloaded her Mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty” like a Month before her album release… and I seriously missed A LOT! This Chick is BAD!

When Pink Friday was released I was excited! After hearing “Beam Me Up Scotty” and her Features and the songs that were released before the album such as “Your Love” and “Right Thru Me” and not to forget her EPIC verse on Kanye West’s “Monster” I was ready for it. Pressed Play on the album and what do I hear?

“I hear them coming for me. Because the top is lonely! What the Fuck they gon’ say? What The fuck they gon’ say? I’m the best bitch doing it! I am the best bitch doing it!”

From these Bar’s I was GASSED.

Romans Revenge when it first leaked I wasn’t too fond of it. But when I researched into the beef between her and Lil’ Kim… Romans Revenge GOES HARD – Lyrically!

Moving swiftly on, the song “Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake)” which defiantly will be the next song that everybody will be posting on their Facebook Statuses and Twitter Bio’s, this song most defiantly is yet another classic not to mention one of the BEST on the album!

I have spoken to a few of Nicki Minaj’s fans/Stan’s and some of them are very disappointed. Saying that Nicki isn’t the same she is more mainstream and that she has changed. I cannot relate to this because I wasn’t a fan from the Beginning however Nicki addresses this on “Dear Old Nicki” which has to be the most emotional song on the album! This song is the HIGHLIGHT of the album! I’m not going into it too much because it’s best that you need to investigate for yourself. But the bar that got me on this track has to be this:

“Yo, did I chase the glitz and glamour, Money, Fame and power? Cause if so that will forever go down my lamest hour.”

Before I even end this review – You have to get the DELUXE Edition of the album! Just for my FAVOURITE Tracks:

  • Superbass
  • Blow Ya Mind
  • Girls Fall Like Dominoes

I cannot stress enough how GOOD I think this album is. I Hope I’m not the only one that feels like this. Seriously if you haven’t listened to it, I would recommend that you listen to it. She literally is shutting every Rap bitch in the game down. However still got Love for My girl Missy Elliott! LOL! Go Get Em Nicki! Its Pink Friday HOE!