Jazmine Sullivan has returned with her sophomore album “Love Me Back”. After Jazmine’s first album “Fearless” I have been a fan! From the songs Dream Big, Call me Guilty, Fear, Need U Bad, Lions, Tigers and Bears and After the Hurricane I was excited to see what Jazmine is going to offer with this new album.

The first single that Jazmine dropped from the album was “Holding you Down (Going in Circles)” Compared to “Bust your Windows” I really liked this single more than Bust your Windows. Bust your windows had to grow on me. I liked the lyrics but didn’t like her voice. I’m being honest Jazmine Sullivan’s voice had to grow on me. I wasn’t amazed by her vocals when I first heard it. Anyhow Jazmine Dropped the Second single “10 Seconds” which I don’t like! However with plenty of Radio play I just might end up liking it.
Firstly I didn’t know that Jazmine was releasing her album in November! I was expecting it to come out in 2011, someone isn’t doing good promotion! So from the buzz around the Album I heard that Jazmine had worked with Prince on this album. Prince is a LEGEND. The track that I believe Jazmine worked with Prince on is the track “Good Enough” This track has Prince written all over it but it is a GOOD track with the lyrics:

“And if I’m not good enough – Then baby there’s the door. I bet you, you won’t find another fool who Gon’ give you more”

Then we have Jazmine giving us the Reggae vibe that she gave us with “Need U Bad” she’s giving us this on the tracks “Love you long time” and exits the album with a Reggae vibe with the track “Luv Back” These tracks are what makes the album fun! Jazmine really suits the Reggae vibe, Suits her better than the artists that original where raised in the Caribbean (No shade to Shontelle or Rihanna). I have to say that “Luv back” has to be my favourite track of this album!

Moving swiftly on to the only feature on the album – “U Get On My Nerves (feat. Ne-Yo)”. Surprisingly – I don’t like Ne-Yo as an Artist, so when I saw his name on the album I felt uncomfortable! But this track is a GOOD TRACK! With lyrics such as

“You get on my damn nerves, My damn nerves, My damn nerves, I’m so glad we’re not together now!”

It probably looks like a Nursery rhyme just reading it but I’m telling u this song is a CLASSIC. Especially if u had a partner that got on your DAMN nerves! U can feel this song inside out.

My favourite tracks of this album are:

  • Holding you Down (Going In Cirlces)
  • Good Enough
  • Love you Long Time
  • Excuse Me
  • U Get On my Nerves (Feat. Ne-Yo)
  • Luv Back

6/11 Tracks I’m feeling… NOT TO BAD!

Overall this is a good effort from Jazmine Sullivan, However I’m not happy with the promotion she needs more promotion we can’t afford to sleep on Jazmine Sullivan she is another Legend within the making. However this album is a good follow up to her First album however not as good as her first album. Hopefully her THIRD album will be even better! But it is a good album.