Ciara has hit back with her Basic Instinct album which has been anticipated from July this year. I am big fan of Ciara and since her first flop “Fantasy Ride” everybody has had something negative to say about her. I have nothing against Ciara and want her all the best. Before I get into this review I want to say that Fantasy Ride was a GOOD ALBUM! It was a Solid album and doesn’t deserve the status that it’s got.

Basic Instinct – the Follow up to Fantasy Ride. Ciara has said that she is feeding back to her fans on this album. When I heard this I was expecting Ciara to take it back to the Goodies days, The “Promise” days! The “Like a Boy” days! We hear the first singles that Ciara has dropped: Ride, Speechless and Gimme Dat – All good tracks that have gained positive feedback. Especially Ride which has gave every girl the opportunity to learn how to Ride the BEAT! I have loved every single that Ciara has dropped off the album even the leaks such as her verse on Wacka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in the Paint”. So you can guess that I was kind of excited as her Fans/Stans were.

Firstly I would like to Praise Ciara on the track “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” track. Within this track we hear Ciara Rapping! And it’s not SO BAD! She defiantly got flow, nobody can knock her for that. She introduced the album in a Good way. But I was kinda disappointed when I took a further listen to the album :-(.

I was expecting the album to have more than 11 tracks. Probably 14 CiCi! Especially since we’ve been waiting so long. I was expecting so much MORE! I don’t see the hype around “Heavy Rotation” maybe I need to listen to it more. However I do like “You Can Get It” it reminds me of “Tell me what your name is” and “Promise”. However don’t get me wrong… The album is a good album – However the record label shouldn’t have waited so long to release it! The best songs on the album have already been released. Speechless, Gimme Dat and Ride make the album what it is! “You Can Get It” has to be on the options for the next single! The record label should have left songs such as Speechless in the dark until the album was released. I do have a strong feeling that “Turn It up (feat. Usher)” will be the next single though, which surprisingly I am NOT feeling! I preferred “Turntables (feat. Chris Brown)” of the Fantasy Ride album. However coming to think about it… Turntables did grow on me because I didn’t like it when I first heard it.

Maybe Basic Instinct is an album that will grow on me. I won’t give up on it because I am a fan of Ciara and wish her success in everything. But the anticipation that was around Basic Instinct hyped me up for basically songs that I’ve already been feeling!? Or for a album that has to grow on me? I was expecting a STRAIGHT Reaction to the album. Maybe you will see me post another review of Basic Instinct in a couple of Months like what I did for Alexandra Burke.

The Deluxe Version of Basic Instinct features ALL the videos that Ciara has done. However this is only available on iTunes.