Okay, the second album from Keri Hilson! Her first album “In a Perfect world” was one of my favourite albums of 2009! Keri is a good song writer! When she puts soul into her songs you can feel the soul. For example go and listen to “Where Did He go?” “Intuition” and also “Alienated” these all show Keri’s soulful side, this is the side of Keri Hilson that I like.

The first single that Keri Hilson dropped of her new album “No Boys Allowed” was “Breaking Point” this wasn’t a strong choice for the first single of the album, but Breaking Point grew on everybody, but didn’t grow quick enough for the charts. The Second single that Keri dropped was the Fantastic “Pretty Girl Rock” Pretty Girl Rock is another anthem! This should have been Keri’s first single! Then Keri went and dropped the bomb on us with the video to “The Way You Love Me” which caused uproar on social networks such as Twitter! People were shocked at Keri’s “Pussy Popping” and her lyrics that consisted of “Fuck me, Fuck me; It’s the way you fuck me!” to follow up afterwards she did a interview with Perez Hilton and said “I don’t want to make love, I just want to get fucked!” coming from me I was shocked by all this ATROUCIOUS language that Keri was using, I am a fan and I’m used to her keeping it “CUTE”. After this outcome of Keri’s “The Way you Love me” I was intrigued to see where this album was going.

I heard “Buy you” when it was leaked with Lil Kim. I liked the version of the song with Lil’ Kim’s verse. I think it would have been a good way to bring Lil’ Kim back into the industry (even though I know she hasn’t left). But as we know Keri didn’t use the Lil’ Kim version on the album she has the J. Cole version on the album. Which nothing wrong with that, Buy You is one of the best song’s on the album! Can be compared to her “Get Your Money Up (feat. Keyshia Cole & Trina)” on her In a Perfect World album.

Summing up this review in short words, I wasn’t too impressed with Keri’s album. I felt like something was missing. When I heard the title was going to be called “No Boys allowed” listening to her previous work I was thinking it’s going to be some Soulful – R&B heartbreaking songs that was going to give you some Soulfood, However it is an album full of some sexual songs and a few heart-comforting songs here and there.


Tracks that grew on me were “Bahm, Bahm” and “One night Stand (feat. Chris Brown)”. One Night stand grew on me because it has Chris Brown in it. Despite what’s happened to Chris Brown in the past you cannot deny that when u see his name featuring on a track you are intrigued to listen!

One track that I didn’t like when it leaked was “Toy Solider” but when listening to the album I like this track very much! This is the Keri Hilson that I Love and this is the kind of material I was expecting on No Boy’s Allowed! Another track that is similar to Toy Soldier is “All the Boy’s” These tracks [in my eyes] Make this album what it is. Keri’s vocals in “All the Boy’s” really suits her! Wish she would make more songs like this!

“Pretty Girl Rock featuring Kanye West (remix)” is Unnecessary. I am sorry to say. Didn’t do anything for me at all!

However, No Boy’s Allowed is a good effort from Keri Hilson, but I really do wish that on her next album she mixes a bit of “Pretty Girl Rock” and a bit of “All The Boys” together! I need the soulful side of Keri Hilson back. None of this “Fuck me, Fuck me” Business.