This came to me Sunday night after I watched “P.S. I Love You”. It made me realize something…

I want you to imagine that ur sitting at a bus stop. And Ur waiting for a bus. You’ve been waiting for this bus for so long now ur actually thinking about walking half way to ur next destination. However if U walk u just might miss the bus that comes and then U will have to wait for ANOTHER ONE. So you sit and u wait a little longer.

It comes to u like an Epiphany… This Bus is not coming. I’m going to walk. You carry on walking and you never look back. Reach ur next destination and the bus still didn’t come.

What I’m trying to say is. Their has been people in everybodies life that Come and Go and we as human’s sometimes wait for that person to come back. We wait and we wait and we wait, and sometimes you wait and you don’t know what your waiting for.  And then sometimes we think to ourselves. “FUCK THIS – Let me move on” But then you think to urself, I can’t move on… what if I don’t find anyone better?

Let me tell you. Don’t wait no more! If u wanna move on don’t let nobody stop you.

Don’t wait for a Bus that is never going to come…….