Diddy Dirty Money – Your Love (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross & Trey Songz) [Music Video]

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This is the best song on their album… And this video is HOTT!


Chipmunk feat. Keri Hilson – In The Air [Music video]

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Did anybody notice Chipmunk’s Big Ol’ CLOCK Tattoo on his chest? [CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO MAKE THEM BIGGER] ……

Anyway Keri Hilson looks good.

Britney Spears – Femme Fatale [Review]

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I WAS a Britney Fan back in the day when she had songs such as “Sometimes” and “I’m Not a Girl…Not Yet a Woman” and “Lucky” All those songs made Britney what she is. Those where her good years. I miss that Britney!

Britney has just released her brand new album “Femme Fatale”. This album has such a Buzz round it, I just couldn’t resist to check out this album!

The first single of the Album “Hold It Against me”, is a track that I’m not feeling. I thought it would grow on me, but this hasn’t grown on me at all. Despite the Drum and Bass breakdown that she has within the middle of the song. The song hasn’t tugged on my heart at all. Neither has the video.

The album is practically Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of “Hold It Against Me”! What I mean by that is – The album has practically the same Sound throughout the whole thing! The album is full of Dance/Pop tracks. Its all good if your into that stuff. I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect from Britney on this album. But I wasn’t looking forward to feeling like I was listening to same track throughout the whole of the album! Its Quite dissappointing. Their not Entertaining Dance tracks either. I certainly won’t be tapping my foot to this kinda music If I hear it in a club. The lyrics are Catchy but they are pretty much WEAK. This album is WEAK, just like Britney’s recent performances.

Theirs Only ONE Track that I like of her album and I don’t even like it that much to put it on my iPod. The track is called “Criminal” and the only reason I like this song is because its different from all the other tracks that are on her album.

I’ve only heard the standard edition of Britney’s album. I’m not sure if its worth listening to the Deluxe edition of Femme Fatale. Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic” album was more entertaining than “Femme Fatale” and Bionic is Christina’s worse selling album to date.

I Just want the old Britney back Yo!

Jennifer Hudson – I Remember Me [Review]

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I have ALWAYS been a Jennifer Hudson fan. From the days where she was on American Idol. Her first album “Jennifer Hudson” Was one of my most played albums, ask anybody that saw me on a daily basis. “Spotlight” was a song I used to walk around singing DAILY! and Now she is back with her sophmore album “I Remember Me”.

When I first heard about “I Remember Me” was when Jennifer was on UStream and she debut her first single of the album “Where You At”. Jennifer talked about working with Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo and Swizz Beats on the album and straight away I was intrigued to hear what the album had instore for me! “Where You At” was automatically a favourite of mine because Jennifer’s vocals on the track are chilled and then she has a Climax right at the end. I think the song is just… “GENIUS”. It really expresses what Jennifer can do Vocally.

Moving on to the album. The album is delievering the R&B that I’ve been missing. Most artist’s have taken the Dance/Pop/Electro route and Jennifer keeps it R&B/Soul/Pop on this album. The first track that I was amazed by was “Angel” which definatly has to be the next single! The beat and the vocals in this track scream nothing but a number 1 hit! “Angel” was written by Alicia Keys I believe.

“I Remember Me” The track itself is an anthem in my eyes. I can relate to this, just like most J.Hud songs. The chorus is strong and its just Rich R&B.

“Everybody Needs Love” Is a next radio hit! Its a feel good song and a good inspiration song! Got that Pop/R&B vibe to it! Definatly radio friendly! This song will be a Success if its released as a single!

I wanna get on to a track called “Still Here” Which brings back the soul to the album. As you know Jennifer lost her mother and her brother and her nephew not that long ago. “Still Here” definatly seems to be the song that she dedicated to them. The lyrics are very soulful and heartfelt. This song could make you cry if you get involved in it. I can see her performing this!

“Why is It so Hard” Reminds me very much of Chrisette Michele. Reason being is because Ne-Yo has worked on a lot of material for Chrisette Michele and this song was written by Ne-Yo. Jennifer’s vocal’s in this track is so versatile! Something that I ain’t heard of her before. You can tell that she has grown, and this track right here is a Winner!

Overall “I Remember Me” Is a MUST Listen! You need to hear the growth and versatility that Jennifer is doing on this album. She is a BIG singer and you would think they would have her singing Balads and Mellow songs but this album is pretty much versitile! Something that Leona Lewis should try doing! This album is definatly going in my collection!

I just wanna say that my FAVOURITE song of the album is “I Got This” & “I Remember Me”! These songs right here are my Anthem! Mainly because – I CAN RELATE! But Jennifer ain’t got nothing to worry about! This is a SOLID album!

“I Remember Me” is releasing April 25th In the UK. March 22nd For US Fans. The Song “I remember Me” will also be the OFFICIAL UK Single of Jennifer’s album.

Chris Brown – F.A.M.E [Review]

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WELL! One of the Most Anticipated Albums of This year! Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E album was released THIS WEEK! And It has been kicking up a STORM. After everything that has happened with Chris Brown, I don’t think people would have thought he was gonna come back HARD like this. But He has come Back HARDER than anybody could think!

After being Nominated for a Grammy for “Deuces” which orignally was a track on a  Mixtape. Just incase you didn’t know, If a Track from a Mixtape turns into a SINGLE and then gets Nominated for a GRAMMY it really means that the song is SUCCESSFUL! As Artists’ usually release mixtapes just to give their fans a taster of what kind of material they’re doing for an upcoming album. So if a Track of a Mixtape gets nominated for a Grammy and goes Mainstream it means that the artist has pretty much hit the JACKPOT. Chris starts of the album with Deuces. I don’t need to speak my views on this song because if its Nominated for a Grammy it speaks for itself! He also put “No Bullsh*t” On the album as well.

The Album… is… WOW… I’m actually speechless (Okay maybe I’m overracting!) But when I first heard “Beautiful People” and “Yeah 3x” I actually thought that the album was going to be this Dance/Pop crap that everybody seems to be jumping on. But I was mistaken! The album is seriously Versatile. Not to mention I like the Dance tracks that Breezy has put on this album!

The Next single “She ain’t You” Is a Sample of the Classic SWV – Right Here. And this is a GOOD Remake! When I first heard It the exact words that came out of my mouth were “EASY!!!!” Breezy has really impressed me!

Tracks that stand out for me are “Say It With me” “Oh My Love” and “Wet The Bed (Feat. Ludacris)” Ludacris always steals the show when he drops his bars on his features! The beat on “Say It With Me” is RIDCULOUS! Another track that stands out is “BOMB (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)” which has got that caribbean vibe to it. BOMB is definatly a Club banger!

Honestly this album is NUTTS. Seriously quote my words its worth the money; The Deluxe Edition especially! This album is definatly going to be nominated for a Grammy and all sorts of Awards that come along with it. Breezy is back man! Its time to forgive and let the man have his shine.

Favourite Tracks:

  • Deuces
  • No Bullshit
  • Look At Me Now
  • She Ain’t You
  • Say It With Me
  • Yeah x3
  • Wet The Bed
  • Oh my Love
  • Beautiful People
  • BOMB
  • Love The Girls
  • Paper, Scissors, Rock
  • Beg for It
  • Champion

14/18 tracks will be hitting my iPod!

P.S. Chris – I would have liked the Duet with Justin Bieber if it was someone else. But Its ALL GOOD!

Lil’ Kim – Black Friday [Review]

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This has been longly anticipated! Its been talked about everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, Radio Interviews, Magazine Interviews. I’m surprised this hasn’t even hit Newspapers (It probably has but not within the UK). Lil’ Kim’s “comeback” mixtape “Black Friday” became availble online!

I would first like to Laugh at Lil’ Kim for charging people $9.99 for her mixtape. Times are hard. Lil’ Kim is an example of that. She gotta pay the bills some way, some how! Another thing I want to laugh at is – Lil’ Kim fans claiming that they brought the mixtape, but NON of them even spoke about the tracks until it was made availble online for FREE.

Before I get into the review. If U didn’t know (then ur late) but Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj have industry beef. Lil’ Kim is mad at Nicki Minaj because Lil’ Kim feels that Nicki Minaj has hi-jacked Lil’ Kim’s swagger and persona, and she’s mad that Nicki Minaj hasn’t payed Homage [showing respect, giving her props]. Instead Nicki Minaj has been throwing indirect lyrics such as:

“Yeah, I Took the Spot she Gone – POOF!”

“So Let me get this straight…. Wait – I’M THE ROOKIE!? When my features and my shows 10x ur Pay! 50K for a verse – NO ALBUM OUT!”

“Is this the Thanks that I get for Putting u bitches On? Is it My fault that all of u bitches Gone!? Shoulda sent a thank u note U little hoe, Now Imma wrap ur coffin with a BOW!”

“Nicki she just mad because U took the spot! WORD – That bitch mad because I took the spot! Well if you ain’t shittin’ it then get off the pot! Got some Niggaz out in Brooklyn that will OFF UR TOP.”

Theirs probably even more. Lil’ Kim obviously isn’t having it, and has fought back with her mixtape “Black Friday”. Nicki Minaj’s debut album is called “Pink Friday”. Now to be honest Lil’ Kims mixtape is no where near Nicki Minaj’s album or Mixtapes. The quality of Black Friday is poor.

Lil’ Kim does her own version of Rihanna’s “Man Down” which is Terrible. The Track is called “Cheatin'” which I believe Lil’ Kim is going at Faith Evans in this track. Regardless of who’s she going in on. Lil’ Kim shouldn’t have touched this track.

Lil’ Kim also takes on Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock” which is also a Terrible remake. And shouldn’t have been touched by Lil’ Kim at all. Not to mention she also done her own version of Kanye West’s “All of The Lights” Which Lil’ Kim ONCE AGAIN! Should have been LEFT ALONE! As Lil’ Kims version is Just TERRIBLE. I cannot stress how terrible these remakes are.

Lil’ Kim also decided to do her version of Nicki’s “Did It On Em'”. Using the SAME BEAT. And nearly the same lyrics. Lil’ Kim calls hers “Pissin’ on em” Which one again is TERRIBLE and is no where near Nicki Minaj’s track. The only track that Lil’ Kim goes real hard in is the track “Black Friday” which is still weak but was worth an effort. Kim drops this line:

“Who the FUCK want War!? I’ll FedEx Beef straigh to ur front door!”

“I’m turning Pink Friday into Friday 13th”

She also brings up Drake within this track as well. But still the track is a bit Wack and the video is a bit wack too.

Lil’ Kim has a interview on the mixtape which explans why she is so bitter towards Miss Minaj. I recommend that you listen that. Its quite humorous especially when she states that she thinks Nicki Minaj is Bi-Polar. Quite humorous.

Their is also A track on the mixtape that has Nicki Minaj on it. I guess this is the track that Nicki and Kim was working on before all this beef started. The track speaks for itself as Nicki’s verse is better than Kim’s. Nicki just steals the show.

Moving swiftly on. Their is only Two tracks that I like off Lil’ Kim’s mixtape and thats “6 Foot Tall” and “Buy U Music Feat. Keri Hilson” The rest is just a bit swag. I preffered the tracks where Kim wasn’t coming after anybody and just spoke generally. For example their is a track where she gets quite sexual. Reminds me of the Kim from the 90’s.

Hopefully this album that she’s working on is going to be Good. But for now. This Beef is getting out of hand and petty. And the mixtape doesn’t deserve to be bought. It should be downloaded free of price.


MC Harvey’s New Single

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Does anybody Remember MC Harvey? ….. He was one of the Pretty Boys of So Solid Crew, Was Married to Alesha Dixon but is now divorced because he cheated on her with Javine (which had one TUNE called “Real Things”). His the Originator of the “Slits in the eyebrows” trend? Anyway. MC Harvey took to Twitter the other night to express his view on his NEW ALBUM! That his been working on for 2 YEARS!

Harvey also decided to inform his followers about his NEW SINGLE. Thats Right. NEW SINGLE! Its called “On Top Of the World” and it features Hayley Cassidy. So far this is to be the FIRST single to be lifted of Harvey’s Untitled album. This is what Harvey has been cooking up in the studio for the past two years…..

So… yeah… there we have it. I’m be keeping an eye on MC Harvey’s movements. His also been tweeting fellow band member Romeo from So Solid as well. Apparently Romeo shall be on the album also. Maybe Harvey should throw Lisa Maffia and Megaman and maybe Ms. Dynamite on it too.

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