Jessie J has had a buzz around her for a while! She’s already written songs for Christina Aguilera and some other MAJOR stars and here she is finally with her debut album “Who You Are”. I myself have been eager to hear this album as I didn’t take a much liking to Jessie J when I first heard her single “Do it Like a Dude”. Do it Like a Dude is catchy but I didn’t like it as much, but I was interested to hear what else she had to offer. Her second single “Price Tag (feat. B.o.B)” is catchy as well I prefer this song more than Do it like a Dude.

Now the album…

“you can dance and you can sing Club-Banger pop songs but the question is can you really Sing some powerful vocals?”

I have to say that this album is one of the most demanded and highly anticipated albums of the year! Alongside Britney Spears, Chris Brown’s and Beyoncé’s albums! Jessie J has lived up to the high expectation that has been fed to her.

I personally wasn’t involved in “Do it Like a Dude” because you can dance and you can sing Club-Banger pop songs but the question is can you really Sing some powerful vocals? That’s a question I ask myself about any new artist that gets brought to my attention. Jessie J can SING some Powerful vocals! Please listen to “Big White Room” which is LIVE! Listen to the VOCALS that Jessie J Is expressing on this song! Without a doubt Jessie J can sing. There is no questioning it. When you can sing like how she is singing on Big White Room LIVE you KNOW for a FACT that you can sing! Another song that I want to address that has good Vocal’s is the album title song “Who You Are”. All I wanted to know from Jessie J on this album was if she could really sing. She answered that with these tracks, and I don’t need any other reassurance!

Okay to break it in this industry; you can have a good voice but you also need to be versatile with your sound. Jessie J expresses this all over this album! You have R&B/Soul tracks such as “Casualty of Love” and other tracks that will do well on the radio such as “Abracadabra” “Rainbow” and of course “Do It Like a Dude”. One song that I LOVE is “LOVE”. Songs like this song just leave me speechless and I can’t even put into words how I like this song I just want you to listen to it and tell me whether the song is Epic or not!?

One track I want to point out is “Who’s laughing now” Which Jessie J confronts all the haters that gave her negative feedback before she gained a name for herself, but now that she has a bit of fame everyone wants to know her! Jessie J includes lyrics such as:

“Hey Jessica, you’re so funny, you’ve got teeth just like Bugs bunny”

Oh my god babe your voice is like wow!’ My reply: Who’s laughing now?

“Oh, so you think you know me now, have you forgotten how you would make me feel when you drag my spirit down”

This is defiantly one of my favourite tracks of the album! This song goes hard!

Jessie J really shocked me with this album! It is worth buying for some and it is defiantly worth listening to when you got time! However… I personally would like Jessie J to do more tracks like “Big White Room” and “Who U Are” on the next album… Some of the tracks were lacking something, But its still a good album.

I just want to say that she reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield [Anybody remember her?] She defiantly has comparison to Natasha Bedingfield and I will also like to say that Cher Lloyd needs to pay attention to Jessie J’s character. She does R&B but doesn’t force being “Black” on her character, you can tell that Jessie J is just being herself, so I would recommend Cher Lloyd to take a note out of Jessie’s Books!

I wish Jessie all the best with this album when it gets released in America!