From the group Floetry; Marsha Ambrosius has now token solo success and released her debut album “Late Nights and Early Mornings”

Marsha first came to my attention when her video for “Far Away” created a Buzz on the internet, because of the social issues that she portrayed in it. Social issues such as Homophobia and how her friend of hers was a victim of it in result he committed Suicide over it. Very heartfelt video! I recommend you watch it. So after this video I decided what she had to offer on her album.

I’m going to be honest and say that the album will be your medicine if you’re a big fan of Marsha’s, but for me since I am a new fan of hers I believe it’s going to take me a while for me to warm to her vocal’s and just the FEEL of the album all together. After listening to “Far Away” I gotta admit I was a bit depressed! But who wouldn’t!? Its not only “Far Away” that kind of made me depressed but their is a song called “Tears” that is very emotional. You just might need a box of tissues while listening to these tracks!

However a song that I’m really feeling on the album is “Hope she cheats on you (With a Basketball Player)” You can probably wonder why I liked this song, As I am big fan of Keyshia Cole and Fantasia and anybody else that talks bitter about Heartbreaks and love in General! But this song is definatly one of my favourites on the album.

The album just ain’t depressing and Bitter but Marsha gets SEXUAL with it as well. I was shocked when I heard the song “With You” I was BLOWN Away! Listen to the lyrics and you will see why, another track that she seems to get very seductive on is “Your Hands”. Also see the tracks “Lose Myself” which she talks about Love and how she felt about it before she found “the right one”. She advices that we just Lose ourselves in Love.

Another one of my favourites on the album is “Chasing Clouds” the smooth piano and beat on this track is just relaxing! The lyric within this song makes me want to lose myself in the song, it takes me on a spiritual journey and right back to reality. This song is by far my favourite track on the album.

Late Night and Early Mornings is a good album if you want to sit back on a Friday evening to a glass of wine and just relax your mind – This album is for you! This album is also for you if you’re looking for some sexual slow passionate love making!

I guess this is the REAL Soul that everyone is talking about that I am not ready for as of yet. I guess I really am an R&B man. Late Night and Early Morning is what I would call REAL SOUL!