Does anybody Remember MC Harvey? ….. He was one of the Pretty Boys of So Solid Crew, Was Married to Alesha Dixon but is now divorced because he cheated on her with Javine (which had one TUNE called “Real Things”). His the Originator of the “Slits in the eyebrows” trend? Anyway. MC Harvey took to Twitter the other night to express his view on his NEW ALBUM! That his been working on for 2 YEARS!

Harvey also decided to inform his followers about his NEW SINGLE. Thats Right. NEW SINGLE! Its called “On Top Of the World” and it features Hayley Cassidy. So far this is to be the FIRST single to be lifted of Harvey’s Untitled album. This is what Harvey has been cooking up in the studio for the past two years…..

So… yeah… there we have it. I’m be keeping an eye on MC Harvey’s movements. His also been tweeting fellow band member Romeo from So Solid as well. Apparently Romeo shall be on the album also. Maybe Harvey should throw Lisa Maffia and Megaman and maybe Ms. Dynamite on it too.