I WAS a Britney Fan back in the day when she had songs such as “Sometimes” and “I’m Not a Girl…Not Yet a Woman” and “Lucky” All those songs made Britney what she is. Those where her good years. I miss that Britney!

Britney has just released her brand new album “Femme Fatale”. This album has such a Buzz round it, I just couldn’t resist to check out this album!

The first single of the Album “Hold It Against me”, is a track that I’m not feeling. I thought it would grow on me, but this hasn’t grown on me at all. Despite the Drum and Bass breakdown that she has within the middle of the song. The song hasn’t tugged on my heart at all. Neither has the video.

The album is practically Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of “Hold It Against Me”! What I mean by that is – The album has practically the same Sound throughout the whole thing! The album is full of Dance/Pop tracks. Its all good if your into that stuff. I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect from Britney on this album. But I wasn’t looking forward to feeling like I was listening to same track throughout the whole of the album! Its Quite dissappointing. Their not Entertaining Dance tracks either. I certainly won’t be tapping my foot to this kinda music If I hear it in a club. The lyrics are Catchy but they are pretty much WEAK. This album is WEAK, just like Britney’s recent performances.

Theirs Only ONE Track that I like of her album and I don’t even like it that much to put it on my iPod. The track is called “Criminal” and the only reason I like this song is because its different from all the other tracks that are on her album.

I’ve only heard the standard edition of Britney’s album. I’m not sure if its worth listening to the Deluxe edition of Femme Fatale. Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic” album was more entertaining than “Femme Fatale” and Bionic is Christina’s worse selling album to date.

I Just want the old Britney back Yo!