The first song that I heard from Katy B was “Louder”, and ever since then I have been interested within her music! I took an interest into Katy because “Louder” has a different sound to UK Music.

Here is Katy with her Debut album “On a Mission”. This album is an album that I haven’t heard from a UK Artist in a while. It’s very different and unique and because of that I hope it’s successful!

Katy starts the album with a Track called “Power on me” With a Slow Funky House beat behind it, you must not get fooled by the beat, but you must be amazed by the production of this track! The Funky house beat is a well known beat; But the lyrics that Katy is singing along with it Amazes me. Katy smoothly sings these lyrics:

“oohhh, Does it make you feel good? Knowing that you could, have Power on me!”

From this track I was nodding my head and saying to myself “OKAY Katy!” From this track I knew that the album wasn’t going to be a typical UK Garage/Funky album! You cannot name Katy’s Genre that she’s doing on this album.

Not only does “Power on Me” have a good beat; but so does the track “Broken Record”. Broken Record has a Beat that you would hear in a club and lose yourself too, but If you listen to the lyrics you will lose yourself within the lyrics as well!

Obviously the top 10 Hit “Lights on (featuring. Ms. Dynamite)” Had me dancing round my room. Not only because of the Beat but because I’m a fan of Ms. Dynamite! Also…. I finally understood the concept of the song [LOL] I didn’t quite get it when it was released!

A Track that has got to be my Ultimate favourite of this album is “Easy Please Me” Katy is talking about having a GOOD Man and also the stereotypical men that she has come across. The lyrics within this Track will have u clapping your hands and saying “PREACH”! It’s a Ladies anthem! Check Out the lyrics:

“It’s not that easy, it’s not that Easy! These days I can’t find a man that pleases me. Their lines are FAR too cheesy. No Boy is on a level Believe me! These days I can’t find my Easy please me!”

Imagine those lyrics alongside a BANGING Beat!? Katy B Is a Genius!

Wrapping up this review, I’m gonna say that this album is GENIUS. Katy B is bringing something new to the table as I cannot match what genre she is. She’s not Pop, it’s not Funky House, and it’s far from Bassline. It’s within its own League! If you want something new you need to get this album. Even if you don’t want something new, I’ll suggest EVERYBODY go get this album! This album is the best thing I’ve heard from a UK Artist that hasn’t been on X-Factor since Ms. Dynamites “A Little Deeper” album! Katy B is going to go FAR!