Recent news has surfaced that the winner of 2009’s X-Factor, Joe McElderry will be dropped by Simon Cowell’s Label!

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The rumours have been circulating for months but insiders say that Simon Cowell will drop Joe McElderry from his record label within weeks.

The 19 year old singer beat Olly Murs to the X Factor crown in 2009. He subsequently released his debut album ‘Wide Awake’ in October 2010. His first single ‘Ambitions’ climbed to number six in the UK charts, while his followup release “Someone Wake Me Up” floundered at number 68. In contrast, Olly’s debut single, “Please Don’t Let Me Go” charted at number one on the UK Singles Chart. His second official single “Thinking of Me” charted at number four and a week later his debut album, Olly Murs charted at number two on the UK Albums Chart.

Because of disappointing sales it is now expected that Joe will be dropped by SYCO when his contract finishes at the end of this month. A source at Syco reportedly told New! magazine that the company has no plans to offer Joe a new deal.

The move will not come as a shock to Joe, or most of his fans. The writing seemed to be on the wall when he moved back into his mum’s South Shield’s home last month and while fellow X Factor winner Leona Lewis is judging on American reality TV shows, he’s performing at a holiday park at Hopton, near Great Yarmouth.


Well…. It’s Not a Shock to be honest; but Joe could have made it if there was a bit more effort put into him. However when he won I knew that he was going to go down slop. Joe cannot dance and his pretty much another Gareth Gates. He telling the world that he was Gay didn’t seem to help him either. As nobody wasn’t really looking in his direction to be another Will Young, after-all… Where is Will Young? There are so many requirements you need in this day and age to have the X-Factor! But it’s a shame that Jedward, Olly and Even CHER Lloyd are bigger than the actual winner. Matt Cardle better read this news and prays that this doesn’t happen to him, because at the moment Cher Lloyd has become a trending topic and has been all over the Media, whereas Matt has been in hiding working on his new album. He is another Victim that could go down slope if he doesn’t release the right material.