Chipmunk has returned to the music scene with his 2nd Studio album “Transition”. I really enjoyed Chipmunks first album “I Am Chipmunk“, but am I feeling this 2nd album?

I remember when Chipmunk dropped the video to “Flying High”. Only God knows the success of that song because “Champion” apparently is the First official mainstream single of the album. I can only guess that “Flying High” didn’t receive the feedback that they wanted, and I can see why as “Flying High” didn’t connect with me at all. Choosing “Champion” as the first mainstream single was a wise choice as it featured Chris Brown, and it was good to see a UK Rap Artist making music with one of the biggest names in the Music industry. However the only downfall of this is; Whether or not Chipmunk was ready to be making tracks with big names such as Chris Brown. As Chris Brown really SHINED on this track and people are forever commenting on the track saying that Chris Brown’s flow is way better than Chipmunks. Either way the track was a Top 5 hit, climbing to Number 2 on the UK Charts.

“…I have listened to the album 3 Times just in case my opinion changed on the whole album…”

Furthermore Chipmunks album seemed to have been filled with more Duets from American artists; for example his track with Keri Hilson “In the Air”. Which surprisingly I am not Feeling! Keri Hilson’s chorus is Okay. Actually the whole track is just okay. I personally believe that they are just releasing these tracks because Chipmunks is collaborating with Big names such as Keri Hilson and Chris Brown.

Also on the album Chipmunk collaborates with Trey Songz. Which to me the song is: YAWN aka boring! I didn’t see the point in this feature at all.

You also might find humorous that I was laughing at the song Featuring Mavado. I…. Can’t bring to words what I think of this song.

I’m going to wrap up this review because I don’t think I can find any more words to describe my disappointment. I have listened to the album 3 Times just in case my opinion changed on the whole album, but it hasn’t. If Chipmunk’s Transition was to show the transition of Collaborating with UK artists to now Collaborating with American Artists; then his made his point very clear! I seriously don’t think certain tracks should have been put on the album just because it featured specific artists. Chipmunk isn’t known within America as of yet, and I don’t think this album would be a good album to try and break through the American crowd. I shall sit back and watch the success of this album, as I personally don’t believe it’s as good as his first! As I only liked two songs on the album and that is “Foul” and “Pray for Me”.