Amy Winehouse new album COMPLETE! But….

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Sources say that Amy Winehouse’s new album is Complete! However because Amy has recently been submitted back into Rehab; the album is going to be delayed until Amy gets herself together!

The People reports that sources at the singer’s record label have said that the long awaited follow-up to Winehouse‘s 2007 second album ‘Back To Black’ is finished and that they were just days away from scheduling an official release date, but have been forced to delay this until the singer completes her stint in rehab, which she entered on Thursday (May 26).

The source said: “She has finally finished the album and it’s ready to go. They [Island Records] were just about to finalise a release date and then this happened. She is back in rehab for the foreseeable future so it is just a question of waiting and seeing now. But there is no way they can give a specific release date until they know when she is likely to be out.”

Amy Winehouse is currently booked to appear at three European festivals during the summer, including the BBK festival in Bilbao, Spain. She has yet to give an indication as to whether she will be performing new material at the festivals.

A lot of people are WAITING and have been WAITING Patiently for Amy’s return. Now that she’s gone back into rehab its going to make things even worse. I wish she would get it together though. A Battle to see if her Album sales and Adele’s album sales would be so interesting to look at! Also I would love to hear the material that she is going to put on this album. I guess all we can do is Pray for Amy!


Why Cheryl Cole was Sacked from “X-Factor USA”


News has surfaced that Cheryl Cole has been SACKED from X-Factor USA before the Show even went to TV Screens. Reasons why Cheryl was SACKED below: Source

Cheryl Cole was dropped from the judging panel on “X-Factor” largely because producers were  concerned her English accent would be too difficult for an American audience to understand … sources close to the production tell TMZ.

There were other issues too — we’re told Cheryl and fellow judge Paula Abdul had a “lack of chemistry” … and Cheryl was more expendable.

Producers now want Cheryl to return to the UK version of the show — but according to sources, Cheryl’s royally pissed over how this situation was handled … and may sever ties with “X-Factor” entirely.

With Cheryl out, Steve Jones will be the only host on the show — which debuts in September — while Nicole Scherzinger fills the open seat on the judging panel.

Calls to Simon Cowell still haven’t been returned.

Shall I tell u what I think? BULLSH*T, Her English accent is very understandable. Its just the fact that she has NO talent. No TALENT what so ever. She can dance and she can have a little TONE in her voice and that’s about it. She really didn’t need to try and conquer America, because she really isn’t in the place to try and Conquer it. Simon was VERY wrong for bringing her over there in the First place. It is VERY Clear that the American audience wasn’t feeling her AT ALL and neither was the Producers! Also to hear that she don’t plan on returning to the X-Factor UK makes me even happier because we got Kelly Rowland who is sh*ttin’ on Bitches’ right now. Cheryl can keep it moving!

TLC, Lady GaGa & Beyonce perform’s New Track on American Idol

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It was the finale of American Idol last night, and they had quite a good line up of performances. The Reunion of TLC performing “No Scrubs” & “Waterfalls”. Lady GaGa performing “The Edge of Glory” and also Beyonce performing her new track “1+1”. Check out the performances below

T-Boz and Chilli

Beyonce & TLC were GOOD! TLC brought back Lil’ John! I thought he had retired!

Keyshia Cole’s Wedding Pictures

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My Home girl Keyshia Cole finally got married to her Basketball player Daniel Booby Gibson! Check out the wedding pictures U Guys! I’ve already wipped away some tears!

They then left their Wedding Ceremony in a Helicopter to go on their honeymoon.

I’m so proud of her!!! She waited patiently to marry Booby and I’m just happy that she has found TRUE Love. She said before she met her Husband she had given up on Love and was just going to keep working hard and just do her, and look how he came around. I guess true love is out there. Keyshia has just given me some Hope. I Love U Keyshia! Glad u found some happiness

HOWEVER! If he cheats on U, Please BELIEVE I will be on the FIRST plane to come and Ambush a MAN! 🙂

Beyoncé – Till The End Of Time [New Song]

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The Full leaked song of Beyoncé’s rumoured 2nd second “Till the End Of Time” has finally surfaced. The first version that hit the net had “For External Use only” all over the track, but this version is CLEAR! Check out the song! I personally think she should have released this as the 1st single! This song is a WINNER.

Cannot deny! This song is such a winner! I wish she released this first; anyway regardless I can’t wait to see the Video etc to this song! This song has just got my attention!

Ms. Dynamite – Neva Soft [New Track]

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So Ms. Dynamite is slowly setting her come back! Hear her new track “Neva Soft” which is said to be produced by Labyrinth! Check out this MAD Track!!

The beat is crazy! And with Drum and Bass becoming more mainstream within the UK, Ms. Dynamite could have a Hit on her hands! With a HOTT video and good Radio play, she’s set to be hitting big £ notes soon!! P.S. Ms. Dynamite didn’t go nowhere in my eyes though!

Beyoncé Performs “Run the World (Girls)” On Oprah

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Beyonce took to Oprah’s Farewell show to perform her latest single “Run the World (Girls)” this performance was filmed before her Billboard Performance. This performance is good but not as good as the Billboard performance. I’m glad that the Billboard performance premièred first because it did the song Justice! However check out Beyonce handing out diploma’s!

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