This Month my Blog has gained a HUGE number of Views. I can’t believe how much views its received. April has been the best month on my blog so far, the Audience has grown enormously and I can’t believe it. Especially since my blog doesn’t have an official domain (I’m getting to that). But regardless of that people are still clicking! I’m over the moon I am! Can’t thank you guys enough! I thought I’ll blog about this because recently I just by passed my 100th blog Post My 100th Blog post was “Solange Knowles – Left Side Drive”! I just wanted to share the success with y’all! I hope u don’t think I’m boasting LOL!

Within the month of April my blog was viewed 1,838 times! From December 2010 my blog was hitting 260+ views a Month. I can’t believe the GROWTH of my blog.

Now; Because of the Growth of my Blog I’m looking to take my blog to higher and better things. By that I mean, make it official! I blog about something unique that I don’t see other bloggers doing, and that is Album Reviews; So further on within the year my blog will hopefully be an official Domain and hopefully the success on my blog will continue to grow! I’m not gonna say the title of what I want my Domain to be because somebody might take it -___- (I’m watching y’all)

In the mean time, thank you for clicking and reading my Sh*t! Despite my spell mistakes and Grammatical errors LOL! It hasn’t gone un-noticed! I can only improve and learn from my mistakes lol! In the mean time keep clicking and watch this space!