Does anybody remember X-Factor Contestants “BelleAmie” The all girl group that was in Simon’s Category, and they did the terrible re-make to “Airplanes” By B.O.B. They also we’re predicted to be the next “The Saturdays”. Does it ring any bells? Do you temember them? Regardless of you remembering you need to hear their new song. As Far as I can see it looks like one of the members have left! Anyhow here is their new song….

BelleAmie New Group

Somebody Holla at me when you know what they’re talking about; because I haven’t got a CLUE! I can see why one of the members left because if they are trying to come out with material like THIS! I would have handed in my notice as well. This is just terrible! Let me hear what One Direction is cooking up in the studio… That’s IF they’re cooking up anything!